“Tough to weed out bogus varsities’

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  1. Peter Chin

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    “Tough to weed out bogus varsities’

    New Straits Times-----9th August 2005
    Reported By: Nisha Sabanayagam


    Dr Ariff Kasim, director of enforcement division of the private education department, said there are only seven enforcement officers to 559 private colleges. "This is a big country and the number of officers is small. It is very difficult to detect bogus universities," he said today.

    This is a good excuse for not doping their job.
  2. Jack Tracey

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    I'm not going to try to pretend that I understand the intricacies of Malaysian politics/crime but this is clearly a matter of corruption.

    559/7=80 schools per officer. At a certain point you know that a large percentage of these are legitimate and do not require constant monitoring. However, there seems to be no time at all to look into these "bogus varsities."
    Follow the money. Start with Kasim.
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  3. samlam

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    I tend to agree with you Jack on this point. 80 schools per officer really isn't that many. I read something from the Malaysian National News Agency about the scam in which the Education Minister said the scam was due to usual accreditation procedures not being followed. News Article


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