“Diploma Mills” In The Philippines

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    “Diploma Mills” In The Philippines
    The term “diploma mill” usually conjures up images of fake
    schools and degrees, but this is not simply the case in The
    Philippines. For President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, a diploma
    mill is any institution that graduates students who fail national
    professional licensure examinations. These exams,
    administered by the Professional Regulation Commission
    (PRC), allow students to enter fields like medicine, accounting
    or law. According to the President, the lack of a regulatory
    board has resulted in schools producing “scores of inept
    graduates.” The only authority that deals with post-secondary
    education, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), is
    only involved with “policy coordination” and does not enforce
    any regulations.
    President Arroyo said, “we will close down the schools with
    track record of students failing the exams.” It seems that this
    effort has already begun, as The Chronicle of Higher Education
    reported that 23 nursing institutions were recently closed,
    where only half of the students wrote the PRC exams.
    Source: “Arroyo orders closure of diploma mills,” Manila
    Bulletin, 19 August 2004; “Philippines Shuts Down 23 Nursing
    Schools as Substandard,” The Chronicle of Higher Education,
    9 November 2004.
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    Repeated topic

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