Jan 10, 2004
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Probably IAD or LOS
Writer, technologist, educator

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Resident Gadfly, from Probably IAD or LOS

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    1. Deleted member 41070
      Deleted member 41070
      I sent a message about getting this account deleted. Not sure who that goes to.
    2. Rich Douglas
      Rich Douglas

      I tried to send you a note but the system wouldn't let me. I have a question and was wondering how I might pose it privately?

    3. JonHanson
      Steve, you mentioned you did all the course work for a PhDin Leadership at University of the Cumberlands but are completing a dissertation or final project at Baker College.

      What is your reasoning for the change away from UC? UC is definitely cheaper than Baker. I am at the 42 hour mark at UC presently.

      Just curious.

      All the best

      Jon Hanson
    4. deoniceo
      Thanks Steve :)
    5. sideman
      Hi Steve. Wondering if I can have my byline changed to "Well Known Member". Since "Resident Gadfly" is taken, I'll settle for the next best thing. Thanks
    6. Sat@GriffUni
      Hi Steve Foerster, Sathish here.. i am here to ask you more info about opening a university startup (In USA or Europe). This is the line from one of your post.
      "If you're thinking of going international, there are plenty of countries where a private institution can pretty much do anything they want, like Iceland, Denmark, Belgium, or some of the cantons in Switzerland (like Zug)."
    7. Abner

      I told a bunch of a bunch of weird stories. I am really embarrsed. People must think I am crazy. I am really ashamed. Are people talking about me?
    8. Richard Miller
      Richard Miller
      Hi Steve,
      Around a year ago I started looking for a DBA program and your posts regarding SMC had a very big impact on my decision to apply (and subsequently become a student) to that university. I was accepted on July 21st, and am happy with my decision-today I saw that you were also (now) a student in the PhD program. Great news. I actually got involved in the students council-there are two vacant positions on the students council coming up very shortly, if you are at all interested.
      Best of luck, and if there is anything that I might help with, just drop me a message ([email protected]),
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    Home Page:
    Probably IAD or LOS
    Writer, technologist, educator
    They say seeing is believing, but the true question is... what do you believe you've seen?



    BS, Information Systems concentration, Charter Oak State College
    MA in Educational Technology Leadership, George Washington University
    18 doctoral level semester-hours in Business Administration, Baker College
    In progress: EdD in Educational Leadership, Manhattanville College

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