I was reading the Davidson Online High School 's FAQ (see the U. Nevada high school thread) and the question was asked 'Are you accredited?' They said yes, we are accredited by AdvanceED.

I thought, 'Wut??'

So I looked it up. I'm sure that some of us (like Jennifer) are already familiar with this, but it's new to a dottard like me (thank's to Rocketman for turning me on to that hugely self-descriptive word).

It seems that it's a real thing, formed by the 2006 merger of the K-12 divisions of the N. Central Association and the Southern Association, joined in 2012 by the NW Association's K-12 division. (That's why it's accrediting a Nevada school, since NV is NW Association turf.)

Sorry if there's already been a thread about this, but three of the six regional accreditors merging their K-12 divisions was news to me.

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