Yorkshire University

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  1. bgossett

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    Yorkshire University
    Another BVI wonder. They seem to imply accreditation by His Excellency Plenipotentiary RF the Most Reverend Patriarch Doctor Chief Alexander Swift Eagle Justice, D.D., Ph.D., Juris Doctor, Theologian, Academician Russian Federation, Resident Native American Archbishop and Chancellor of International Theological University's less-than-wonderful International University Accrediting Association while at the same time stating "...is accredited by an accrediting agency recognised by the U.S. Secretary of Education."
  2. galanga

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    you left out a few things...

    Hi Bill,

    You forgot to mention that the Chief is also a Cosmonaut, as well as Chair of Theater, Music, Ballet, Economics, Business, and Computer Science for IUFS.

    The Chief dancing Swan Lake in a pressure suit... oof!

  3. roysavia

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    Their site looks like Wittfield University's web site. They must be bed pals. :rolleyes:
  4. Dennis Ruhl

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    Re: you left out a few things...

    His Portliness would haveto work out a bit first.
  5. Peter French

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    Re: Re: you left out a few things...

    ... and Dr Dr Dr Dr Richard Hoyer is yet to advise us that he is not one and the same person ...

    Not Hoyers best friend :D
  6. roysavia

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    Re: Re: you left out a few things...

    Ya....like drop seven degrees off his name before he fits into pressure suit.....
  7. g-gollin

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    neatness counts

    Hi Peter,

    That's Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Richard Hoyer, thank you very much.


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