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  1. Xspect

    Xspect New Member

    I have decided to post my degree journey. I'm a RN that is working on my Accounting Degree.

    I passed the principle of marketing strictly by studying the REA guide.

    I just took the macroeconomics Clep just by studying the following webcourse.


    I havent decided which one I should take next weds. Business Law or Mircoeconomics.

    Thoughts please
  2. Xspect

    Xspect New Member

    Business laws completed

    I past the business law course based solely on standard deviants video. i've put it up for sale on ebay.

    Next is mircoeconomics and either stats or org behavior next.

    And for those who asked me about the economics links

    here ya go.




  3. marcuscarey

    marcuscarey New Member

    Good luck on your journey.
  4. Xspect

    Xspect New Member

    Ok microeconomics is complete. I scored a 62.

    I used the links I previous posted.

    Instantcert is enough to pass the test.

    Know the following

    Price Elasticity inside and out.
    Short Run graphs
    Long Run graphs
    AVC - Average variable cost
    ATC - Average total cost

    The test centered on profits.
  5. Xspect

    Xspect New Member

    Just took the Information Systems & Computer Applications Dantes exam.

    Don't waste your time studying for this exam. Just take this exam and get this easy grade.

    If you can turn on a computer and understand computer basics. You have everthing you need to know to past this exam.
  6. MTarant

    MTarant New Member

    wha is an REA guide?
  7. Xspect

    Xspect New Member

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