Would Excelsior or TESC accept these?

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  1. Lawqueen04

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    I was looking through this site and stumbled upon a thread that said there was a bible study school called Ames which you can earn college credit for $20.00. I am wondering if Excelsior or TESC would accept this credit? I currently have 65 credits from a community college and a 4 year college combined and i plan on taking the GRE in Literature to gain the 30 credits and i have a few more left to have to fulfill. I am looking into both and if one would accept it, i believe that would make my decision easier. Any information would be very helpful and very much appreciated. Thank you.
  2. masmid

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    Not even DETC. So no. Try GRE in Poly Sci or Psyc. Didn't even study for former got in the high 80's percentile.

    " For that reason our current accreditation is with Christian-focused agencies bringing integrity to our operations and the processes that result in Ames Christian degree programs.

    We completely understand that some students' personal preferences and professional needs require that they earn degrees from institutions that are regionally accredited by US DOE-approved agencies. We also know that many students' desires and aspirations are fulfilled by a school with with a less secular accreditation. In the future, ACU MAY consider pursuing an affiliate membership with a faith-based US DOE-approved agency. However, affiliation is not equivalent to accreditation."
  3. Mechanix26

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    It looks like they will give you credit with the Ames International School Of Ministry, which an unaccredfited college. So the short answer is no.
  4. emmzee

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    This probably won't be relevant to the original poster, but in case peopel stumble upon this thread later ...

    If someone is looking for a cheap regionally accredited bachelor's degree in religion, I heard about this option recently:

    1) Complete Liberty University's "Liberty Home Bible Institute" program, for $950:

    2) Register for LU's BSc in Religion program:
    The LHBI course makes you eligible for "up to" 42hrs of credit towards a BSc in Religion at LU, so, if you earn the maximum #, that's $23 per credit! Then you'd have to finish up your degree at the usual LU price/credit, which is still not too expensive.

    I'm not sure how they determine how many credits the LHBI course gets you, it may be based on your final exam results for each portion.
  5. AV8R

    AV8R Active Member

    That's a real steal! Last time I checked Liberty accepts up to 90 credit hours in exam credit (CLEP, DSST, ECE, etc.). It would be theoretically possible to exam out of 3/4 of the degree and then finish up with the home study option for a pittance.
  6. emmzee

    emmzee New Member

    There are a few other requirements for the BSc program, you can see the full degree plan here:

    Of note:
    120 total hours
    30 hours of upper-level courses
    50% (18 hours) of major taken through LU
    30 hours must be completed through LU

    So the student would still need to take at least 10 courses through LU itself (I assume the LHBI courses wouldn't count towards the 30 credits), but still, if testing out of some of the rest of the degree is an option, that would make this an even better deal!
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  7. soupbone

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    Man you should give that little gem its own thread. I wonder where the 42 hours would be applied at the Big 3. Seems like a great deal! :)
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  8. Abner

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    I agree. Good call emzee!

    Abner :)
  9. emmzee

    emmzee New Member

    Maybe a kind mod/admin can split out this topic to make a new thread? :)
  10. AV8R

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    There is another way to further reduce the cost of a LU degree. If someone is interested in earning a degree in religion from LU, it's probably safe to assume that person is a church-attending person. The church I attend found out about a year ago that if they send a $150 donation to the Liberty Baptist Fellowship per month, a church member can take LU classes for free. The youth pastor decided he wanted to finish his degree at LU so the church started sending the $150 fee to Liberty Baptist Fellowship. That was all it took....free classes.
  11. emmzee

    emmzee New Member

    Wow that's awesome. We definitely need to create a "get a degree from LU cheap" thread! If I was a Christian back when I was doing my undergrad and knew about this stuff, I totally woulda gone for it ;)
  12. Fortunato

    Fortunato Member

    Not so fast - to actually transcript the credit, Liberty makes you complete a portfolio that costs $100 per 3-credit class, or $1400 for the whole forty-two credits. It's still only $56 per credit, but it comes with some serious caveat emptor:

    That's from Liberty's website for this program. Basically, this program is for personal enrichment, but they will let you put together a portfolio for credit that can be used in a single program at their school. If the Liberty BS in Religion is definitely the degree you want to earn, then this course can get you about a third of the way there for really cheap. If you're looking for a cheap source of transfer credit, you may be better off hitting up the local community college.
  13. emmzee

    emmzee New Member

    Thanks for the clarifications, good to note. I always assumed that they would not transfer easily to other schools, it seems like they won't transfer at all. So, no luck for people hoping for cheap credits at the big 3.

    Still, for someone who was thinking of doing the BSc in Religion anyways at Liberty, doing the LHBI program, at $56/credit, would save you (up to) $9,198, which is not too bad :D
  14. tomball

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    Try Columiba Pacific University


    Onward Yes!! Degrees ???

    Make a Tax Deductible Donation of $20 and pray.

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