Would anyone hire a PhD from Capella?

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    Best theory yet. Still doesn't explain why he didn't do a Florida, City University of London, Liverpool, or Heriot-Watt DBA. But maybe Capella was convenient, he knew someone there, didn't really care about the status, was too busy establishing successful centers at elite universities, writing books and consulting for major corporations. Probably didn't bother with those details, just ticked the box. I'm not one to question his decisions too much, they worked for him and as an academic, if I'm a 4 on a scale of 1 - 10, he's a 9.
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    Notice that he is a lecturer and not a professor. AACSB does not require a PhD for a lecturer which means that the PhD from Capella is not a qualifier but acts as a differentiator factor for this lecturer.

    There is a big gap of salary between a lecturer and a professor, normally lecturers starting salary is in the 60K range while professors salary is the 100K range.

    Of course the 60K range salary is not bad considering that places like Capella or NCU pay about the same for a professor salary with no tenure consideration as these are for profit schools.

    There is no doubt that a PhD is better than no PhD at all and can serve you to differentiate yourself from the competition. Many adjuncts have now a PhD so it is becoming a need rather than luxury.
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    Given his CV, I don't think the salary is that big a deal for him.
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    The example from UT Austin was in response to Rob Moyer and sideman who had singled out that particular institution. Whatever one thinks of Capella, it cannot be denied that there are many, many instances of full-time tenure-track faculty with terminal degrees from Capella--not to mention administrators. One recurring point of discussion over the years at DI is that those who choose Capella University for their doctorate are overwhelmingly mid-career professionals who are pursuing the doctorate for advancement or qualification purposes, rather than those fresh out of grad school with little professional experience. Those in the latter categories tend to be best served by degrees perceived as more traditional.

    More former posts on this forum are six years old, but I don't think that my opinions have changed.
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    Not bad but most business professors at AACSB accredited schools make in the 150K range after some experience.
    In any case, I think this professor is more the exception than the rule, a more realistic position for a PhD from Capella would be a place like Anaheim University. A link below with few faculty graduated from this school:


    The question is if Capella graduates teach at places like Anaheim (DEAC accredited school), what is the market for DBAs from Anaheim?
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    And assuming he doesn't have other professional work outside of lecturing, but he isn't waiting in line for government cheese or anything ;)
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    Looking at his CV, with the great big corp consulting, gotta think he's making five figures per annum at least from that, perhaps six. Even I make some extra consulting money on the side, and this guy outranks me hands down.

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