Why Aren’t College Students Learning Anything?

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    Er, math and science courses require much less writing. I'm in an MS in Microbiology program, and writing isn't really the strength of most scientists as evidenced by my classmates. This program has much less writing than the social science-oriented master's I already completed.

    I taught CJ which is equally liberal and conservative. Looking at test scores, it's kind of undeniable that CJ students are near the bottom when it comes to intelligence.

    My students complained to the dean about essay exams in an upper level course. If I had assigned 20-page papers, they would have petitioned to have me fired. They have no interest in learning, so I no longer have an interest in teaching. The Twitter and Instagram generation can barely put together a paragraph. Writing is a skill that should have been mostly developed by the time one graduates high school.
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    Most of what that article mentioned only applies to traditional B&M schools. Online schools have their own problems of course.
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    Because students been paying high tuition costs with very little education by going to the regionally and nationally known accredited organization's.

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