Who Would Hire an Online Grad?

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  1. Mark Eakle

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  2. FC2008

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    Those adverstisements are on MSN on a daily basis.
  3. gbrogan

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    (bolding mine)

    This sort of implies that DETC degrees are regionally accredited,. It's too bad the author didn't include the growing acceptance of NA degrees as evidenced by the survey mentioned.
  4. Faxinator

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    How would they even know the difference, unless they assume based on geography? For instance, someone living in Florida but has a Bachelor's from TESC.
  5. jtaee1920

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    I would like to believe that any company in America would accept a degree from a RA school.

    However, acceptance of the degree is rarely a concern. Getting your resume moved to the phone interview pile is the tricky part. Education is only a part of the package.
  6. Mark Eakle

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    I think that is part of the message of this article, that HR departments have accepted non-traditional degrees, so long as they are Regionally Accredited. I have personally heard a upper manager question online degrees and how well the students could have learned the content. This manager did not know I was a graduate of an online program, and she has given me plenty of work and continues to do so. The majority of managers who I have discussed this topic with have told me they care more about what a person has done, real world experience, than what degree or certification they have. I also had one “Head Hunter” tell me that he viewed anyone who went back to school while working full time to be a strong candidate because that indicates a work ethic and willingness to improve themselves.

    My degree hangs on the wall in my office and I frequently tell people about Capella and online learning opportunities today. Ultimately, the only thing that matters is if you get the interview, get the job, and can do good work.
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