Who poisoned Juscsenko?

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by uncle janko, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    The govt? The Russians? Martha Stewart? Kojo Annan?

    (I do hope he beats the hell out of Janukovics, btw.)
  2. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    He clearly thinks that elements in the current Ukrainian government did it.

    He first started showing symptoms a few hours after having dinner with the Ukrainian security chief. It has been established that the poison was introduced orally, and the security chief's people prepared the meal. I think that's pretty good evidence that the Ukrainian successor of the KGB was responsible, and that the highest levels of the organization were probably involved.

    Whether the Russians or Putin were also involved, is hard to say.
  3. Kit

    Kit New Member

    Whomever posioned him, the results have been devastating. He appears to have aged at least 20 years in five months, so much so that he looks like a completely different person. Beyond the physically apparent affect there will undoubtedly be other affects to his general health. What a completely despicable way to try to defeat a political opponent. Were they taking clues from the history of the Medicis? I hope he wins.

  4. DTechBA

    DTechBA New Member

    I don't know

    But the security chief would have to be the biggest idiot in the world to poison somebody at a meal they were having with him.
  5. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    Re: I don't know

    I read a newspaper story with a credible sounding theory about that.

    The suggestion was that dioxin was chosen because it's such an obscure poison. The intention might have been that the victim die fairly quickly, long before the tell-tale skin lesions had a chance to develop. So an autopsy would have been conducted, showing acute pancreatitis or something like that, and the normal toxicology screens would all come up negative. So the death would be put down to natural causes.

    But the guy didn't die as intended, but lingered around with serious aches and pains, until he started to develop the facial lesions a couple of weeks later. And that put the investigators onto dioxin.

    Remember that the doctors at the Vienna clinic were earlier saying that if he had been poisoned, they would probably never know the agent, since he hadn't come to them until some two weeks after the event. That tells us that their toxicology had come up empty at that point. But after consulting with more international specialists, they subsequently announced that his tissues had the second highest concentraion of dioxin ever recorded. So obviously they hadn't tested for dioxin until the specialists suggested that they do.

    It sounds to me like if the theory I just outlined is correct, it almost succeeded.
  6. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Idiot secret police goon?

    Why? Were they at a Chinese restaurant with everyone insisting on sharing?

    (This Carpathian doggie growls when his food is interfered with. Get your own dinner, wretch!)

    Sorry. Couldn't resist.


    This stuff is really interesting. Thanks, guys.
  7. DTechBA

    DTechBA New Member

    But again to indict them as idiots...

    what made them think he would die with that amount of dioxion? I am not saying he is innocent, he may very well be a guilty idiot. If he thought the guy would die before the lesions were noticed, the fact that they used it without, apparently, knowing how much dioxin it took to kill someone would indicate they are idiots...
  8. Putin...

    I have good friends here (in the US/South Florida) who are Russian emigres. While not an absolute authority on what is going on back in their home country right now, they are very much in touch with friends, family, and associates back there. Their conclusion is Putin is behind it. Because Putin wants to introduce not communism again, but fascism, and wants the Ukraine to be what it has always been in Russian imperialistic aspirations - a subjugated buffer state of Greater Russia. The byzantine poisoning attempt is not strange in this land, but a common way of dealing with an opponent.

    Good thing that Putin is our ally against those Islamic terrorists though... with friends like that, who need enemies?
  9. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Se habla español

    So that makes Janukovics, Kucsma, and the secret police idiot hijos de putin...
  10. Stanislav

    Stanislav Well-Known Member

    Someone in the government did this for sure. I can only guess that President's Administration chief Medvedchuk have something to do with it... but it is only because he has really bad rep and is a known personal enemy of Juschenko. No evidence yet.
    On being "stupid", I think whoever did this fully expected to get away with it... having almost full control of Ukrainian authorities on all levels, I'd say they had pretty good chance to actually get away with it. Two or three years ago our beloved President was linked to the murder of a journalist, there were even street protests - and he/they still got away with it. Why, they thought, this time will be any different? Only Jusch had the good sence to go to Austrian clinic and, of course, had the nerve to actually survive...

    BTW, we'll gonna have a trip to Washington D. C. this weekend (from Tallahassee FL) to wote in the election rerun. It's only a 13-hour drive ;)
    (I thought we might be the people who travel the longest to vote, but no: there is a van from Tampa full of voters.)
  11. Stanislav

    Stanislav Well-Known Member

    Re: But again to indict them as idiots...

    Apparently, dioxin has different effect on different people, and people had died before from much smaller amounts. Be kind to them - this is actually the first time this stuff was used in an assasination attempts, all earlier poisoning cases were from industrial waste.
  12. roysavia

    roysavia New Member

    Poisoning, shooting or stabbing a political official requires a considerable amount of planning and timing. The assassination attempt could not have been done by a single person. This was clearly a conspiracy involving numerous people (including Putin).
    I doubt that the perpetrators of this crime will be caught. The Russians are just as good as the CIA at this kind of stuff.
  13. Kit

    Kit New Member

    Re: Re: But again to indict them as idiots...

    Exactly, and their assumptions as to dosage should have been correct in most cases. According to an AP article, his blood contains the second highest concentration of dioxin ever recorded in a human body and the first (highest) one was dead. His blood contains more than 6,000 times the concentration that is considered safe. By all estimations it should have killed him, but it didn't. They didn't count on the apparent strength of the individual they tried to poison.

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    Trujillo's housemaid.
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    his enemies !!
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  19. Maybe the FRATER

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