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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by fretbrner, Dec 15, 2011.

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    I am still working on my BS but have been tailoring my courses to meet the pre-reqs for a few MBA programs. Most of the pre-req classes are the same but they each have one or two classes that differ or are not needed. Out of this list, which degree would be seen as the better. They are all AASCB accredited.

    Uni of North Dakota
    Uni of South Dakota
    Texas A&M
    University of Wyoming
    Mississippi State University

    All three are less then $20k. Would any of these seem like they would have a bit more prestige the the other? They all seems to have the same core classes. Different names really. Only USD has a resident requirement that I could find.

  2. mbaonline

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    When faced with this type of decision for schools that are similar, I always recommend that potential students look for schools that are nearest where the student lives/wants to live. For example, if you are in the mountain west, Wyoming would be best. Mississippi would be best if you're in the south and Texas would be best if you're in the midwest or southwest.

    The other factor might be which type of learning system is best: For example, are there team projects or no team projects; synchronous chats or none; thesis or capstone project. Which might best suit your learning style?

    A few of our members have enjoyed Wyoming, FWIW.
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    Personally, I would go with the Aggies for absolute name recognition. There are Aggies everywhere, and they have a great alumni network. See A&M Clubs

    Plus, there are tons of great self deprecating Aggie jokes around, if you become an "Agro-American," which is the PC term for Aggies now (another Aggie joke). :banana::banana::banana:

    but, you should do some research on your own, starting with B School rankings such as found here: Business School Rankings and Profiles: EMBA, Executive Education, MBA, Part-time MBA, Distance MBA
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    Since this is an online MBA, I believe he is referring to Texas A&M Commerce, not College Station, so going there would actually make him a Lion, not an Aggie. While the nickname does not really matter, Commerce certainly does not have the prestige of College Station.
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    Exactly … TAMU-Commerce (formerly East Texas State Univ.) is merely one of twelve universities within the TAMU System. And TAMU-Commerce is a far cry from name recognition when compared to the TAMU-College Station campus (e.g., Aggies).

    Universities » The Texas A&M University System
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    TAMU-Commerce MBA/MSM rigor and quality is on par with other AACSB accredited MBA's in Texas.
  7. major56

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    That’s grand, but it’s still not a degree with perceived equivalent recognition or reputation as TAMU (Mays)-College Station; alike comparing a MBA degree from the University of Texas-Permian Basin or UT-Tyler as being acknowledged as equivalent with The University of Texas at Austin (McCombs School of Business) even though the B-schools are AACSB accredited … not likely. One might just as well consider that the University of Houston-Victoria, UH-Clear Lake or UH-Downtown being recognized too as equivalent in comparison with The University of Houston (Bauer) MBA. Perhaps one could likewise consider the Sam Houston State, Lamar, Univ. North Texas, Prairie View A&M, and/or TAMU-Commerce, etc. MBA as equal to Harvard, Wharton, Booth, Darden, Kellogg, USC-Marshall or UCLA-Anderson; as well all are they not all AACSB accredited?
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    With TAMUC i am talking about academic rigor and quality not ranking. Its a high quality rigorous MBA or MSM program. If you need name recognition, you can go to the schools that you have listed.
  9. major56

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    However, you chimed in touting TAMUC’s “academic” rigor per my mention to TAMUC not being on perceived par with TAMU (Mays). Anyway, the best to you and your MSM undertaking with TAMUC.; I’m sure it’s a fine program.

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    There are many university available for the online mba courses provided.and also give good opportunity relevant your filed.some list are bellow like.
    1.IE Business School
    2.Thunderbird School of Global Management
    3.Duke University
    4.Manchester Business School

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