Which college would be the cheapest for me?

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    OK. As some of you may know, I plan to get at least two bachelor's degrees- one in history and one in business. The major problem for me is money.
    I've already taken (based on my TESC evaluation):
    Community College:
    Acc 101 (Principles of Accounting)
    Com 209 (Public Speaking)
    Eng 101-102
    Mat 121 (College Algebra)
    Mus 100 (Music appreciation)
    Phi 101 (Intro to Philosophy)
    Phi 180 (Intro to Ethics)
    Pos 110 (American Government)
    Pos 210 (State and local government)
    His 101 (Western Civ I)
    Gen 299 (Honors Seminar)

    US History

    German (2)
    Physical Science
    Western Civ II
    American Literature
    British Literature
    Analyzing and interpreting Literature
    Business Law I

    Educational Psychology
    Human Growth and development
    Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union
    History of the Modern Middle East
    History of the Vietnam War
    Civil War and Reconstruction
    World Religions
    Finance and Banking
    Environment and Humanity
    Organizational Behavior
    Substance Abuse

    USAF (via CAP):
    1 Unit (Lower) Radio & Television Broadcasting (TESC has Rtv 199)
    2 Units (Lower) Communication skills (TESC has Com 108)
    1 Unit (Lower) Leadership (TESC has Hrm 315- and can apply it to Business)
    2 Units (Higher) Military History (TESC has His 253- and does not apply it to a history major)

    ACE courses taken:
    2 Units (Lower) Library Techniques (USDA Grad School)
    2 Units (Lower) Introduction to Computer Security (TEEX)
    UExcel Exams
    World Conflicts since 1900
    Lots of them

    Courses/Exams I am planning on taking for my undergraduate (Asterisks are ones I'm enrolled in)
    ALEKS Precal*
    CSU-Pueblo Fairy Tales as Literature*
    NFA Fire Safety Education (ACE)*
    University of Idaho Library science courses (400-level only)
    Uexcel Business Ethics
    Uexcel Human Resource Management
    UExcel Labor Relations
    UExcel Operations Management
    UExcel Principles of Finance
    DSST Business Law II
    DSST Intro to Business
    DSST Management Information Systems
    DSST Personal Finance
    DSST Principles of Supervision
    USAF Squadron Officer School
    Saylor Principles of Marketing
    Saylor Principles of Management
    Any other business Saylor courses
    Straighterline Accounting 102
    Any Straighterline courses that could help that I don't have covered
    CAEL PLA course (including a PLA)
    TEEX Computer Security courses

    Any things you think I should take for a BA in History and BS in Business?
    What college would be my best buy for all this? Do my Uexcel courses qualify me for Excelsior evaluation/admission for free?
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    Completing a degree at TESC under the Per Credit Tuition Plan is the absolute cheapest way I've found to complete a bachelor's degree at a regionally accredited school. Passing Uexcels will not give you any special treatment at Excelsior. However, completing TECEPs will allow you to avoid the enrollment fee at TESC. Read the thread below for an explanation. The prices are little higher now, but the concept is still the same.

    TESC will not let you double major in history and business since these degrees come from two different schools within the college. You would have to graduate with one and then earn 24 new credits for the second.
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    Sanantone's BSBA General Management - Degree Forum Wiki
    Sanantone's BA in History - Degree Forum Wiki
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    Thanks! I am taking the UExcel courses since the test center is within walking distance.
    So, I couldn't submit all my stuff at once, with the numerous business courses taking care of all the extra stuff I'd need to get a Business degree?

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