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    I apologize if this has been covered in other threads, I tried to do a search for "wgu grading" and "wgu transfer" but didn't find any relevant threads.

    Has anyone run into any issues with WGU's grading (on the Pass-Fail basis) as far as applying to other schools? The reason I'm asking is that there are many, many more WGU grads than Quantic on the forum, and I'm interested in applying to a PhD program one day.

    Of course Quantic is NA and not my only Master's-in-progress, I expect to also have an MS in Data Science which uses traditional letter grades with GPA (and I'm earning those 4.0's.) I just want to head off any potential issues before they start by understanding how WGU or similar schools are treated by schools receiving their transcripts.

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    I heard that WGU does not have GPA, but if you pass the class you received a minimum of a "B" or 3.0. Therefore, in order to graduate you have to pass all the classes, you have a GPA of 3.0.
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    You have a minimum GPA of 3.0. LSAC doesn't even count pass/fail classes and I've found a handful of universities which don't count pass/fail for GPA at all, so it really depends on the program.

    I don't have experience with this personally, but I have a few friends and acquaintances who have gone on to some pretty good state universities in Texas, Florida, and Colorado with WGU degrees. I haven't heard about any issues yet.
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    I have read of people having issues with WGU and transferring because of its Pass-Fail system, and because the final GPA is always 3.0 and a number of schools require a higher GPA for admission. One person on Reddit talked about how she had been rejected by a number of schools for those reasons, but she was finally accepted by Thomas Edison State University.

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    According to this post, https://allnurses.com/graduate-doctoral-admissions-wgu-degrees-t578468/ , the WGU alumnus encountered some issues...but some schools out there willing to accept the degree from WGU. When I applied for the MBA at Imperial College London, and Ph.D. at the Cumberlands; they only looked at my transcripts from SMU and Georgetown. My Bachelor's degree was on 60 credits from Troy University, and the rest were Military training, CLEP, and DANTES exams.
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    It is the same thing with transfer credits. My Georgetown University transcript does not indicate my two courses from SMU. And those two courses at not part of my Georgetown GPA.
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    Sounds like a great question for DegreeForum.com. They have a lot of WGU students, as well as TESU students in a similar situation due to transfer credits and credit-by-exam all being recorded as Pass/Fail.

    This may be a situation where you can reach out to the admissions department of your destination school and give them the low-down, along with showing them record of your course grades, and seeing how they're willing to work with your uncommon situation. One valuable lesson I've learned is that a school's official policy is not set in stone, and sometimes all you need is to use the right words with the right people to get what you need.
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  8. Dustin

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    Thanks all!
  9. Jahaza

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    LSAC doesn't even count pass/fail classes

    But they only count undergrad GPA anyways.
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    If it helps, I have my BS and MS from them and I have never had an issue with applying to programs. Recently I have rethought the majority of my goals (see my only board post so you know it's real lol) but before that I had been accepted to every program I had applied for (I was at the time looking for a PhD in leadership but have changed my mind, again see my only board post) and am applying for DCJ and DPA programs (CalU and West Chester are my current top two) since I've been with the state for so long and have always loved corrections it's a better fit for me. Plus, the amount of leadership is bullshit as a degree posts really helped guide me lol but thus far no problems. I can update you if you'd like once I apply to those two schools. The other two I am looking at are Nova and NCU and again can update you in the future if you'd like. I really loved WGU I can only speak for my experience but the school really helped me as a working professional.
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