WGU Master of Public Health (MPH)

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    Applied this morning. This is EXACTLY what Ive been looking for
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    It's concerning to me that they equivocate in their description. This is an MS in public health, which is not the same as a Masters in Public Health and prospective students need to be informed of the difference. It's also not accredited by CEPH, which, along with the degree being an MPH and not an MS, is important for job placement.
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    I agree that CEPH is very important for an MPH degree I realized which is why I never started my degree with the American College of Education although they offered a really good low price and fast courses (5 weeks each)
  5. Xspect

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    It clearly states MPH and where does it state its a MS in public health ? CEPH accreditaion is not important to me or for my goals
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    I'm not seeing the MS in Public Health. The program guide and webpage say MPH. Since the program is new, it's not going to come out the gate with CEPH accreditation.
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    Thats my point. It takes ~three years to get CEPH accreditation . WGU is a jugganaut I am confident the program designed with CEPH accreditation end goal. If Walden got accreditation why would WGU get accreditation. Im ok with taking that gamble.
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    IIRC the program webpage said "Master of Science" on one line and "Public Health" on the second line when I looked this morning, but now it says "Master of Public Health." I expect this was a brief web copyediting error.

    I've seen at least one impressive MPH program take years longer than I would have expected to obtain CEPH accreditation. And although WGU's typical procedure is to seek specialized accreditation, they haven't attained specialized accreditation for every program possible. So if CEPH is important for you you should shop around.
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  9. sanantone

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    Since they're including a practicum, I'm sure they plan to apply for CEPH accreditation. It's not worth it to create that logistical nightmare if an online program isn't seeking CEPH accreditation.

    Another CBE public health program is at Rasmussen University, but I heard they aren't as flexible as WGU. Their CBE structure is called Empowered Learning.

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  10. Xspect

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    I'm a WGU alumni. plus I feel WGU has grown in positive way since I attended. They got the right mojo
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  11. Jonathan Whatley

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    Oh: At the time I'm writing this, the degree is mistakenly listed as "Public Health - M.S." at https://www.wgu.edu/online-degree-programs.html

    But when you click through from that listing – which I'm guessing is derived dynamically from a database of WGU degrees rather than hand-coded – to "View Degree," that goes to the program page where it's correctly identified as a "Master of Public Health." Maybe that database doesn't provide for the degree title "M.P.H." yet.
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  12. Jahaza

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    I think I have confirmed that they do not intend to apply for CEPH accreditation.

    Per CEPH, since 2005 a CEPH accredited MPH has required 42 credit hours. See #8 on this FAQ: "CEPH’s criteria for accreditation were revised in 2005 to require that all MPH degrees be awarded for no fewer than 42 semester credits of coursework."

    Page 100 of the new official WGU catalog (PDF) says that this degree only requires 36 credit hours.

    So even after the waiting period, this degree won't be CEPH-eligible.
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  13. Xspect

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    I had a conversation with their intake team. I'm not as gung as when the program was first announced.
  14. Jonathan Whatley

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    At first glance, that list of 36 competency units in the catalog doesn’t include the practicum, which is a requirement of the degree. Is it possible the degree is 36 credit hour equivalents + 6 credit hour equivalents reflecting the practicum = 42 and CEPH eligible that way?
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  15. sanantone

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    I see that you added more information on the other forum, and they stated that they are seeking CEPH accreditation. There could be some inaccuracies still on the website. The program might not be 36 credits. They could also be planning to add to the curriculum later. I wonder if CEPH has previously approved a simulated practicum, but I like that students don't have to find a site to go to and spend hundreds of hours there. I might even consider the MPH for myself next year.
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  16. Xspect

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    I also posted here on DI first just on another thread (MPH Programs). But here is a DI exclusive. LOL

    Edit: Here is some information shared via email directly from the program

    "Transfer guidelines - https://partners.wgu.edu/Master-of-Public-Health

    Program guidebook - https://www.wgu.edu/content/dam/wgu-65-assets/western-governors/documents/program-guides/health-professions/MPH.pdf


    I hope this email finds you well. Exciting news! I have some information about our new Master of Public Health program.

    Students are eligible to enroll in this program as early as 8/1/2024, however August through September enrollments will be set at a fixed pace with no ability to accelerate. The fixed pace requirement will be removed 10/1, so students wishing to begin and go faster than the standard path should wait until October to enroll.

    Our Master of Public Health will help students develop expertise that will allow them to work with patients or clients who need resources, support, and services that care for the needs of individuals, families, and communities. Students can expect to gain competency in analyzing health services and delivery from socioeconomic, cultural, and marginalized perspectives. Students will also be educated in appropriate messaging support strategies with diverse populations and address current health and human needs in specific populations in relation to public health needs.

    Program Competencies:

    • Health Equity
    • Public and Community Health
    • Research
    • Public Health Administration and Leadership
    • Communications
    • Budgeting/Finance
    • Biostatistics

    This program has 36 competency units (credit hours), equaling a total of 12 courses. This program is designed to take 4 terms, or 24 months. Beginning 10/1, our students should expect the MPH to return to the competency-based model, which will allow students to have the potential to accelerate through the program."
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  17. sanantone

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    They're actually being generous with the transfer credit policy. I like the growth. LOL. If only they would do this for the graduate business degrees.

    They don't mention the practicum in the guidebook. Is it embedded in the capstone?
  18. Xspect

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    During my conversation with WGU, as my small brain understood it a stimulated practicum is the capstone
  19. sanantone

    sanantone Well-Known Member

    They're going to have to change the curriculum or make it an MS degree if they want CEPH accreditation.
  20. Xspect

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    Here's the latest update

    "To answer your questions:

    1. We do not have any intention right now to be accredited through CEPH or any other accreditation agency other than our university wide regional accreditation through NWCCU (Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities). We have set the program up in such a way that if we find in the future that industry standards have changed, and accreditation through CEPH is necessary for grads, it would be a fairly easy transition to earn that accreditation.
    2. We can only accept up to 50% in transfer credits. 50% of the MPH must be left to complete when a student begins this program. "

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