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  1. anngriffin777

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    I have a job with great tuition reimbursement of $8k per year. I am seriously thinking about doing Western Governor's University Management and Leadership master's degree program. I have mixed feelings about this school and it's weird web cam requirements. I like the fact that I could possibly finish the 11 class program in a year (give or take). Does anyone have any real experience and opinions on this school based on facts and personal experience?
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    I know people who are at WGU but not in that specific program. They are very pleased with their programs--the one common complaint that I have heard is that student advising/customer service is often not timely. However, the people I know are pleased with the instructors, the course content, and the design of their curriculum.

    My 02 cents.
  3. rook901

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    I am currently in the MBA Healthcare Management program at WGU and also completed my BSN at WGU. Never had a problem with advising (WGU calls them "student mentors") and my e-mails to customer service have always been answered within a matter of hours during the business week, and no more than 24 hours outside of standard business hours (including weekends).

    I can't speak to the webcam issue, as all of my BSN and MBA assessments were written papers. I have read posts in the past where people have had their webcam-proctored exams cut off due to the proctor mistaking some action for cheating (such as the student mouthing words to him/herself), but I've not read any stories like those I've read about Straighterline proctoring, where the proctor was found snooping through the user's files.

    If I may ask, what are your short-term and long-term career goals? The reason that I ask is that the MS Management and Leadership doesn't hold the weight that an MBA has, and your career options may be limited. The exception to this would be if you're already deeply ingrained into your company's culture and just need any Master's to move up. While it seems like everyone and their uncle has an MBA, it is very much a check-the-box credential that you will need to get past the HR bottleneck for some management and executive positions.

    I would like to read any success stories of folks who've completed the MS Management and Leadership, but haven't been motivated enough to look for them. Honestly, just looking at the curriculum, it looks like a lot of feel-good organizational psychology nonsense that would be great for corporate trainers and HR monkeys, but of little value to people who actually make the hard decisions.
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    Rebel100 did a whole blog on his adventures - all good :)
  5. rook901

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    rebel100's thread is a great read for those interested in WGU, but he did the MBA and not the MS Management and Leadership.
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    On behalf of StraighterLine, I want to respond to the comment about online proctoring above. StraighterLine has always used ProctorU, an online proctoring service also used by hundreds of colleges, for its online proctoring. There has never been a case where a proctor was caught snooping through a user's files. Though I can't be sure, I believe rook901 is referring to a discussion in this forum about the potential for any online proctor to access user data. The discussion occurred in 2012 when StraighterLine began requiring online proctoring for exams. At the time, online proctoring was less prevalent than it is now and the policy change caused some heated discussion. Thanks for considering us. Sincerely, Burck Smith, CEO.

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