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  1. RamonaQ

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    Does anyone have any opinions or experience about the Walden Master's of Education program? I have fretted for 8 months trying to choose an online university for my MEd, and it's a hard choice.

    Walden is $280 credit hour, so about $840 for a 3 credit course. And you need 30-36 credit hours with them to get an MEd.

    Why is Capella so much more expensive at $1,350 USD a course for the MEd? (Capella courses are 4 credits long, but you need 48 credit hours to graduate).

    Is Walden "easy" to deal with? I've taken 7 courses through Athabasca University, and can always reach a person when I need to.

    Any opinons would be greatly appreciated. Right now, I teach Math as a sessional instructor at a community college!

    BA (Math) 'Queen's University @ Kingston 2001
    BSC (Honours Computer Science) ' Queens 2003
    BEd (Math/Comp Sci/Comp Engineering Teaching Credential) 2003 'Queen's
    Other Teaching Credentials:
    Grades K-6 (2004), Business Studies (2004)
  2. wfisher698

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    I don't know about the Master of Education program, but I have just enrolled in the PhD program in public health. Classes start in June. So far the school has been very helpful and in constant communication with me.

    I recenlty attended an informational sessiorn in Ga. There I found out that Walden has about 1500 Ga. school teachers enrolled in their Master's and PhD. program in education.

    I am excited to be in the program and looking forward to working on my degree in this school.
  3. Klink

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    My wife just started this program. She is doing the MSed with the Focus on Elementary Reading and Literacy. So far everything has been great. She has had no problems getting questions answered from administration. There has also been great access to her instructor.

    She has been in this program for a month now. I hope this short amount of time is an indication of what to expect long term.
  4. Jack Tracey

    Jack Tracey New Member

    Capella may be more expensive than Walden but Walden is more expensive than many other MEd programs. Unless there is something especially attractive about Walden, I'd suggest you consider continuing your search. BTW, there's a Bear's Guide geared exclusively toward education degrees. It's well worth the price.
  5. Leslie

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    I teach in the MSITC (Master of Science in Integrating Technology in the Classroom) program at Walden. I've had hundreds of students over the past several years :) and I don't know of any who have had any problems at all in getting questions answered or concerns dealt with in a timely, courteous, and satisfactory manner.

    You may want to consider the MS in technology route -- the options for future use are better than with some other ed programs.

    Good luck -- maybe I'll see you in class some time!


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