Using verified MOOCs for college credit?

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    Hi! I'm a few credits short of my core requirements for a bachelor's in History at TESC. I've come across some verified courses on SOME MOOC sites, and I'm trying to think of how to parlay them into credit. Are there any suggestions any of you have? I'm looking for things that could cover higher level history courses.
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    The only ways you can do this are by using the MOOCs to study for and pass tests TESC accepts, only complete MOOCs that are ACE or NCCRS approved (I don't think any history MOOCs have this), or use the MOOC to document college-level learning for a PLA. You can either complete the PLA through TESC or LearningCounts. LearningCounts would be faster. TESC will not accept the MOOCs directly otherwise. You should be able to completely test out of the history area of study with the exception of 6 UL credits.
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    Thanks for the help!
    Would the Precal course be good for any of the Practical courses at TESC? I may try and get the French Revolution course evaluated in PLA too.
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    It would be easier and cheaper to just take precal with ALEKS. TESC even counts ALEKS' trigonometry as precal, so it overlaps ALEKS precal course. Yes, you can use just about any college-level math course for intellectual and practical skills. You might want to take a look at what types of courses TESC includes in this category.
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