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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by slcaruso32, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. slcaruso32

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    Does anybody know of a free intermediate (elementary) Algebra course that you can take online that gives 4 college credit? Instead of paying for it again, I'm seeing if I can study on my own time and take it online at a cheaper cost.

    My school would then request a transcript from a "Middle States Accredited Institution" to give me the college credit for doing the work.

    Course Description: The focus of the course is designed to provide a review of the fundamentals of algebra. Topics include a review of operations with signed numbers, polynomial expressions, rational algebraic expressions, factoring, solving and graphing linear equations, systems of linear equations, quadratic equations, and radicals.
  2. cookderosa

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    Not even for money.
    I'm pretty sure you're talking about 4 quarters, not 4 credits. Intermediate Algebra is a 3 credit class.

    The cheapest Intermediate Algebra is through ALEKS -- Assessment and Learning, K-12, Higher Education, Automated Tutor, Math which will cost you $20 per month. So, if you complete it in 1 month, you're only out $20, that's as close to free as you're going to get. It is 100% self paced and done at home on your own computer. You take an assessment whenever you want as often as you want. It's a pass/fail course, so once you hit 70% you are done. There is no homework, only practice lessons that you do on your own until you are ready for another assessment.
    One problem, it's not mddle states (why only middle states btw? There are other regional accreditors.) The question for your school is "can it be ACE Evaluated" because if they say yes, then you can use ALEKS. You complete the course through ALEKS and get a transcript from ACE. I can give you more info if they give you the green light.
    ACE= American Council on Education

    Perhaps someone else will have a lead on an actual indy class, but it's not going to be free.
  3. GeeBee

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    Not everywhere. It's 4 hours credit at Durham Tech, my local community college. But it's 3 hours at UIS.

    Neither of which is free.

    Couldn't you study it with Purplemath, or Khan Academy, or SparkNotes, and then take a CLEP test?
  4. sandraeli

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    Clovis has a 4-credit Intermediate Algebra class, though it isn't free.

    Good luck!

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