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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Law-Dude, Jan 2, 2011.

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    I am looking for an online LLM degree which can be completed in as short a time as someone can finish the work (not paced). It would need to be accredited properly in whichever jurisdiction it is taught. For American schools, regional accreditation is necessary. Does anybody know of such a degree? Thanks!
  2. Are you looking for a certain concentration? What do you consider a short time? 1-2 years? http://www.llm-guide.com/ is decent place to start (search function is OK). I haven't seen any self paced ones as of yet. Maybe someone else can give their 2 cents.
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    Thanks for the link!

    The concentration doesn't matter. I consider a short time to be whatever time it takes for me to finish an unpaced degree. :)
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    No offense, but nobody respects an online LLM.
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    Maybe you don't, but you don't actually speak for everyone in the world. If a foreign trained lawyer wants to be qualified to pass the bar in the U.S. and a low cost LLM from Florida Coastal School of Law by distance allows that at low cost, that might make perfectly good sense.

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    NYU has had the top tax program for the past 18 years and they offer an online LLM in Taxation.
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    Well then I stand corrected.
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    Man, it seems the only time you post here is to disparage other forum members. You've called me a brand whore, talked trash about distance only schools and are now talking out your backside about the perception of distance/online LLM degrees when you obviously know little to nothing about it as you were just educated on the fact that one of the premiere law schools in the country in fact offers one. Do you get something out of disparaging others unprovoked?
    Tell you what, why don't you let us know about your educational background (beyond the fact that your masters is from a "top 100 B&M program") and we can take potshots at your achievements and goals in life.
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    Additional LLM programs via DL:

    University of London (UK) LLM can be completed in as little as one year or as many as five years. (I'm certain you're well aware of this one). LLM - Postgraduate Law - Postgraduate Diploma - Postgraduate Certificate - University of London

    University of Derby (UK) online LLM, Commercial Law: £545 per module x 12 modules Law, Commercial Law (Online) LLM - University of Derby

    Thomas Jefferson School of Law LLM (US) in: International Trade & Investment, American Legal Studies, and International Tax & Financial Services Graduate Programs | Thomas Jefferson School of Law

    The Open University of Hong Kong LLM in People’s Republic of China Law (LLM PRC) Programme Search

    Macquarie University (AUS) LLM in International Environmental Law Search Results - Postgraduate - Macquarie International - Macquarie University

    University of Aberdeen (UK) LLM Graduate Study in Law
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    University of Liverpool offers the LLM delivered in partnership with Laureate Online Education in 3 concentrations:
    Laureate Online Education & University of Liverpool - Online Masters Degrees
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    Gosh, I hadn’t considered Italy … good find.

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