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    Apparently the 500 and the 600 level courses are $315, which kinda makes sense since they are master's courses, but we can use them towards our Content Specialty Area. My plan is to take all the 500 and 600 courses I can towards the 24 content specialty courses first, before moving on to the 800 level courses. I'm doing this to save money, since the 700 and 800 courses are for the PhD and cost $500, and to get a better prepared for the 800 level courses, since it is the 800 level courses that we will be tested on for the comprehensive exam.
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    Yep, but there are also $500 500/600 level courses, but Kami explained that those courses are the Executive Program, which meets on campus and are the courses that are marked as lectures that end with a number above 20, e.g., ISOL535/Lecture/01 is online and ISOL535/Lecture/21 is on campus.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I submitted to request transferring 24 credits, but hope I get full acceptance for 18 credits for transferring from Nova Southeastern University and CISSP certification.

    ISOL 534 – Application Security
    ISOL 535 – Cryptography
    ISOL 536 – Security Architecture and Design
    ISOL 532 – Telecommunications and Network Security
    ISOL 633 – Legal Regulations, Compliance, and Investigation
    ISOL 699 - Information Security Project

    I am wondering if I could request to taking the following courses for outside of the Ph.D program as specialization because I want to get GIAC GREM and GXPN later.

    MSDF 630 – Digital Forensics Evidence
    MSDF 631 – Malware Analysis and Mitigation
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    I asked about combining courses from different content areas and received the following from Dr. Solomon: "The Content Specialty Area requires that you earn twenty-four credit hours in a single discipline. You would need to select your courses from the program of study defined in the MS program of your choice."
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    How long did it took for you to get a bill? Kami registered me for Cryptography, but I haven't received anything yet stating how to pay.
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Oh, okay! I guess I have to take two more courses out of the Information Systems Security Program.

    I registered the class on the same day with you. I already received the bill online after a day; and just received in the mail yesterday.

    "I was able to request my student ID; I am curious to see what the ID looks like:"

    Are you talking about ID Card or just an identification number?
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    The ID Card; maybe it will arrive with the bill. :)
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    Good idea, I didn't think 699 would be required for the PhD, and my adviser didn't know either, so I followed your lead and tried to transfer my capstone project to replace ISOL 699. Kami forwarded my information to Dr. Soloman to find out if the course is even required for the PhD and if I can get transfer credit for it, if it is. Thanks for the idea.
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    For those already undertaking work in the IT program, is there any sort of group work involved?
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    There is nothing in the Cryptography iLearn course page to indicate any group projects. Just a couple of papers, quizzes, and exams. Cryptography is my first class, which starts next week, but it seems unlikely there would be many group assignments in the classes as the semesters are only eight weeks and students will be in different time zones, etc.
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    Well, I'm glad I keep coming back here every six months or so. Thank you for posting this. I'm going through the app process now.

    Noted that there was a comment about digital forensics being full. Do you find that to be the case often as that would be what I would complement my infosec masters and mba with?

    Be well
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    This is my first class at Cumberlands and I had to wait to be accepted and then on your first class, your adviser has to sign you up for class, so there was a bit of a delay. I'm hoping this is not an issue next semester, but then I'll be able to sign up for classes myself and I am glad my adviser did help me, as I would have signed up for the on-campus class, if she hadn't, as there was room in the on-campus class.
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    How is your first course going?
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    Hi Steve,

    I actually joined this forum just so I could ask you a few questions. I've done my homework. I read the ENTIRE thread you posted above about UC. I am currently enrolled in the NorthCentral University EdD program, but I'm hesitant to really get into it after reading all the reviews about the dissertation phase. I know you enrolled in 2014 at UC, it's now 2018, so you are in the dissertation phase. . . you said overall your experience was good, but the program boasts that you can finish in 3 years. Is there a reason you are now just working on the dissertation? Was that a personal choice? Have you run into any issues or concerns with getting support or help form your professors?

    I guess the other main concern I have with on-line learning is the accessibility. In previous programs I've done for certificates or training, I know sometimes the communication can 'break down'. IE blackboard doesn't work properly. . you can't submit a paper when it's due, due to technical issues, or say your format isn't quite the APA format the instructor had in mind and so you get marked way down and there is no way to 'fix' your paper and no communication. Things like that- that really don't speak to your actual ability or knowledge, but more general challenges with on-line learning. A lot of the bad reviews I've read on line about certain EdD programs seem to have negative reviews around these issues. NU was no exception to this. UC has always been my first choice, but I'm also one of those people, like you, that decides okay, maybe I'm ready to start. . I apply, get sucked in. . and then worry if I've made the right choice. I work too hard for my money to not invest it in the right educational program. I need to know ahead of time that I will be able to finish and it's not going to drain me financially.

    Finally, and honestly, I'm a little nervous about the general knowledge test. Should I be? I haven't had math in about 25 years. I guess I remembered enough to score okay on the MAT, but my current profession is in humanities and I really haven't done any algebra in a very long time. What can I expect?

    Thanks in advance for your time

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    I'm taking forever because I only took course at a time, when a lot of people take two, and because I've been taking a huge break before starting my dissertation phase. I'm pretty busy, to put it mildly, it's not UC's fault. I think Matt only took three years start to finish.

    As for the issues you describe, I know what you're talking about, and I've experienced exactly zero of them with UC.

    I applied before there was a general knowledge test, and I only submitted an MAT score with my application, so I don't know whether there's algebra on it now or not.
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    The first course is okay, I am a little behind. The course comprises of 3 case studies, midterm and final. PLus weekly discussion, I surprise that we do not do any research; especially int he cores courses of the program. The textbook reading quite dry; since I am out of school for awhile. This is a rough term for me as it is only 8 weeks. How is your course coming along?
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    Thanks for the info- I saw on another post that there was a facebook discussion regarding the general knowledge test. I am now just waiting to see if UofC is a good fit- if not, I will stay with NorthCentral. I wish you the best in finishing your dissertation!

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    I've been a little behind. And I've been a big one. But I'm okay and I'm sure you will be.

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