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    I curious if in the transcripts with grades says something that the courses were taken trough Laureate. I know the the official degree is from UoLiverpool but I'm worried that if in transcripts says Laurate or Distance learning employers might get skeptical. I don't care if this is mentioned in detailed description of courses as long as is not in the transcripts or diploma supplement ( if u get one at the end of your MBA). Cause if I decide to continue with PhD this might be a problem. I guess this question is addressed at UoL's alumni or students that have already obtained a transcript please share your experience.
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    The information regarding e-learning is mentioned clearly:

    ........ NAME ..........

    "was registered as a distance learning student of Laureate Online Education, a recognised partner of the University of Liverpool, on a postgraduate programme of study leading to the award indicated".

    Later on, "e-Learning" is mentioned again,

    Not what you want to hear but I'm not sure if you have grounds to worry about this issue anyway,


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