Two articles on students in Malaysia who went to unrecognized medical schools

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    'Unrecognised' in Malaysia but not in the home country of the universities!

    One wonders what the results would be if all students who graduated from foreign medical schools (or local for that matter!)had to sit the same test?

    Malaysia seem to have a strange system of recognition. In fact, the media has reported stories of students who have been sent to universities overseas on government scholarships only to find that when they returned the university was not recognised by the government! A recent example was where state sponsored Malaysian students who studied in Japan encountered this situation.

    Sometimes it's a matter of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing!

    Some of the more cynical would say that both hands are more concerned about arranging cuts, kickbacks and commissions to be too concerned about minor matters like recognition and accreditation!
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    Malaysia Recognition System

    I agree that Malaysia has a very strange recognition system. In order for an university to be recognized by Malaysia government for public services, the university needs to submit official application. In other word, if you are a top university in your home country but not submiting your application, Malaysia government will consider you as not recognized and thus can not be accepted for public service.

    Most of the universities in the world are not recognized except UK, Australia and some South East Asian universities like Indonesia.

    However, private sector needs not to follow government recognition, they can recognized qualification based on their own juridiction.


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