Tulane University’s 8 week MBA Certificate Program

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  1. Randell1234

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    This may be of interest as a quick alternative to a complete program-


    Earn what is sure to become one of the most
    sought-after credentials in the business world.

    All adult learners are eligible to enroll in the MBA Certificate Program. This 8-week "Mini-MBA" is the first-of-its-kind offered exclusively online through Tulane University’s world-renowned Freeman School of Business.

    Now, no matter where you live, what your schedule or education level, you can tap into one of the nation’s leading business schools and learn valuable skill-sets online that will have an immediate impact on your current job and help ensure your future success!

    Whether you are looking to enhance your basic business skills or are considering graduate school, Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business MBA Certificate Program can help you build a solid understanding of the foundational business disciplines including, Accounting, Finance, Statistics and Marketing - while minimizing the impact on personal and professional obligations!

  2. Mitchell

    Mitchell New Member

    Anyone know the difference between regular and introductory tuition?
  3. 9Chris

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    Search the board, if I am not mistaken regular tuition was $700.00 more than the introductory. I beleive the introductory tuition was somewhere around $1900.00
  4. Mitchell

    Mitchell New Member

    I saw the difference in tuition, but why two different tuiton rates? Is the introductory rate for new students only? The Web site is not clear about the difference.
  5. Charles

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  6. Jeff Hampton

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    I think this program is incredibly deceptive, at best.

    MBA= Master's degree in Business Administration

    This program does not award a graduate degree. It does not award any degree it all. It awards a continuing education certificate.

    If they called it a "Certificate in Business Administration," that would be fine. And I don't doubt its quality as a certificate program. But to call it a "Mini-MBA" or "MBA Certificate" is deceptive. How many students understand that what they are getting is not even remotely close to being an MBA? And how many employers understand this?

    What's next? A regionally accredited "Ph.D. Certificate" program that you can complete in just 8 weeks?

    I can't believe that SACS is letting them get away with this.
  7. Charles

    Charles New Member


    I agree there is a great deal of potential for confusion. This might be compounded due to the fact that at least one other university in the University Alliance consortium, of which Tulane is a part, also has (graduate credit bearing) MBA certificates, which are a completely different animal.

  8. Mitchell

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    Thanks for the link that previously discussed this program. I now understand that the lower tuition is indeed an introductory offer for a new program and that no graduate level credits will be awarded upon its completion.
  9. Jeff,

    I think you're on to something! We can offer it through St. Regis- and we'll clean up!

    Afterwards, Excelsior ought to give us portfolio credit for the accounting class requirment. ;)

  10. MarkIsrael@aol.com

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    They now call it an "MBA Mastering Certificate" or "Mastering Certificate in Business Administration". They no longer use the terms "MBA Certificate" or "Mini-MBA".

    Previous and current versions of the Web page:
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  11. Charles

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    Here's a residential MiniMBA from the University of Richmond's Robins School of Business.

    "The MiniMBA, a non-credit program, provides a practical foundation in current business theory and practices in an intensive, 14-week format. Through case studies, lecture, problem-solving exercises and interactive class sessions, you will obtain the knowledge you need to succeed within your organization. The goal of this program is to make you more effective by providing a framework of knowledge for making informed business decisions on issues affecting organizations today."

  12. Veteran101

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    I talked with Tulane in regard to this program.
    The program is a CEU class and that is all.
    8 weeks in length. NO grad credits.
    Cost is in excess of $1,800.00.

    One class per two weeks at a high level overview.

    You could compare to any class one would take through the AMA.
    Equal price but providing a better name behind the paper to your boss.

    I think it is a good program for those who have had a grad degree for 10 or more years as a brush up, however, get your employer to pay for it.

    Tulane is no St. Regis. They offer no online programs outside of this, require a GMAT for the grad program, and all classes are on campus.

    Everything is big business, now education is joining the frey. I say if it is a good school, which Tulane is listed as one of the best grad schools in the country, then so be it.

    Just my opinion

    GUNSMOKE New Member


    Tulane gets revenues. Anyone who successfully completes the class gets a certificate with Tulane on it to hang on the wall, and Tulane's name on the resume.

    As Pauly Walnuts would say:

    "It ain't nuttin personal, it's jus bidness."


    PREDICTION: This program will be VERY popular with public school teachers "promoted" into administrative positions.
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