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  1. Robert_555

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    may be pulling at straws, but maybe its possible for Touro University International Alumni and former students place their transcripts with a credit banking service with other colleges as charter oak state college, thomas edison state college, or excelsior college. What does everyone think of this? It will be less suspicious when trying to explain to an potential employer that TUI went out of business but it the degree earned is still accredited. What is everyone else's opinion?
  2. 4Q

    4Q New Member

    I understand your idea as it applies to those still working toward a TUI degree. But how would credit banking help those who have already completed their degree?
  3. Robert_555

    Robert_555 New Member

    My logic is one can have his or her degree transcribed with a legitimate institution. Who knows who or what is going to purchase TUI. If the new purchaser doesnt want to be accredited or WASC doesnt accredit them, at least the records a student has with the credit bank can be used to verify a legitimate degree!!!
  4. 4Q

    4Q New Member

    Let's see if I follow correctly. Are you saying that transferring credit would keep my completed degree legitimate?

    I would hate to transfer "credit" but not the degree. I'm damn sure not interested in having to apply my complted MBA degree credits toward....another MBA at some other school! I'm done learning! :rolleyes:
  5. LBTRS

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    I can understand why those still working on a degree would be in trouble, however, those of us that have finished our degree would still have an RA degree even if TUI loses accreditation or goes out of business.

    Why all the talk about losing our degrees?

    MGKRILL New Member

    My brother graduated from Central New England College of Technology in 1987 the school closed in 1989. Central New England transferred its records to other local school, Nichols College. I think it might be standard practice for an other school to assume student records of a closed school

    Anytime someone needs to verify my brother degree all they have to do is contact Nichols. If my brother needs a transcript he calls Nichols. So before you go out and spend money on credit banking see what TUI plans on doing with its student records.
  7. Catlady

    Catlady New Member

    My nursing school went out of business several years ago, as did the hospital with which it was affiliated. I haven't lost my credentials. There is an address posted online for obtaining transcripts. Nobody's having any problems.

    Has anyone ever actually lost their earned degree when the school closed or changed its status?

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