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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Glenn, Apr 3, 2002.

  1. Glenn

    Glenn New Member

    I was interested in Troy State's on-line MPA program, any opinions on this college and program.

  2. Kane

    Kane New Member

    Cannot go wrong with a regionally accredited school and degrees.

    If your comfy with it, go for it.
  3. infinitesadness

    infinitesadness New Member

    Not many people have heard of Troy St., but living in Alabama i can assure you that they are a credible University with a growing DL program.
  4. Howard

    Howard New Member

    I also live in Alabama and will agree that Troy State is both accredited and credible. They are one of the major players in distance education with programs and campuses worldwide.
  5. infinitesadness

    infinitesadness New Member

    Hey Howard,
    i see that you live somewhat in my neck of the woods. This is unrelated to Troy St, but where can I sit for the DANTES? Ive been looking everywhere and so far Faulkner U. will only let me take one exam every 3 months. Any suggestions?
  6. Rick0768

    Rick0768 New Member

    I posted this in a different thread, but may answer your concerns......

    I took a couple classes at Troy State although not in their online program. Troy State runs a non-traditional program with overseas military where they send professors out to the various bases to conduct classes. I started their MPA program while I was stationed in Guantanamo Bay but then transferred.

    The content of the courses was quite interesting and every bit as complete as the traditional courses I later took at a different university. The instructors were very knowledgeable in the field and had very impressive qualifications. One of my instructors was a member of Reagan's administration, quite fitting for a Public Admin instructor. Dealing with the school (main campus in AL) was never a problem. I've had to deal with their admin offices a couple times since being a student and they were always quick to respond and helpful.

    Granted, I wasn't in the online program at Troy, but hopefully some of this helps you.
  7. Glenn

    Glenn New Member

    Thanks for all the replies. The program sounds good. Right now I'm just waiting to see if I can use my GI Bill for the distance-learning program. Hopefully I can since I have a few thousand dollars left in the account.

  8. telefax

    telefax New Member

    other Troy State programs

    Does anyone out there have experience with the MS in International Relations program? If there are graduates present, how was your degree received in the field?

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