Transferring credits between Excelsior, TESC, Charter Oak

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Jacqueline, Nov 30, 2001.

  1. Jacqueline

    Jacqueline New Member

    Hi, can you transfer credits back and forth relatively easily between Excelsior, TESC, and Charter Oak? It seems like they have different policies for testing, porfolio, etc. credits and I was thinking it might be easiest to do some credits at one and then transfer them to the other to complete my degree.

    From everything I have read so far TESC sounds like where I will want to get my actual degree from.

    So is it possible to transfer in credits from testing or something from the other schools to TESC?


  2. Jacqueline

    Jacqueline New Member

    OK I did some more reading, and a more specific question I have is, if you take exams and get credit from Excelsior for those exams, they give letter grades for some exams, right? Can you then transfer those credits & grades to TESC and have the grades show up on your TESC transcript?

    I did poorly in some classes I took years ago, and I need good grades to bring up my GPA so I can get into graduate school. So I need grades on all my future credits, ideally.

  3. slappy

    slappy New Member

    I think another good question on this topic would be - TESC and Charter Oaks don't give credit directly for Microsoft Exams but Excelsior does. If you get these exams posted to your Excelsior transcript will they then transfer to TESC and Charter Oaks?

    Another example - If you get 24 credits for a GRE subject exam from Excelsior would that transfer?
  4. rongrong99

    rongrong99 New Member

    Excelsior, TESC, and Charter Oak, which one is the best in terms of acceptance of its degrees for job hunting and further education persuit?
  5. Howard

    Howard New Member

    My early college years were not the greatest either.....english, lit., etc. I went to a local jr college and retook these courses and then transferred to Excelsior. The beauty of Excelsior is that you do not have to transfer in everything you took, you can transfer in selectively. After doing this I ended up with a 3.83 GPA on my Excelsior transcript. This was much better than my original 4 year degree. And most graduate schools now are looking for a way to get you in-----after all, they need your money. Good Luck.

    Howard Rodgers
  6. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    My understanding is that many graduate schools take a very dim view of applicants doing this, particularly if undergraduate GPA is a selection criterion.

    CSUDH's HUX catalog states specifically:

    Compilation-style transcripts (such as those from University of New York Regents, Thomas Edison State College, or similar programs) are not sufficient for evaluation because these schools tend to delete pertinent academic information from the student's records. Therefore, individual transcripts from ALL schools are required.

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