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  1. emmzee

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    From their front page: ( Transnational Association Of Christian Colleges and Schools )

    Faith Theological Seminary (MD) - Granted Candidacy
    Paul Quinn College (TX) - Granted Candidacy
    Pacific Islands University (Guam) - Ratified their Reaffirmation I
    Piedmont Baptist College & Graduate School (NC) - Granted Reaffirmation II
    Eastern Carolina Christian College (NC) - Deferred Candidacy
    Midwest University (MO) - Placed on Show Cause
    St. Petersburg Theological Seminary (FL) - Accreditation was revoked, and they were removed from the list of TRACS Accredited Institutions.

    The last one is interesting ... St Petersburg's website now redirects here:
    Educating Servant Leaders

    And their accreditation page hasn't yet been updated:

    They were apparently first accredited in 2003:
    Transnational Association Of Christian Colleges and Schools (archive . org link)
  2. telefax

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    Looks like St. Petersburg was unable to make good after being put on “show cause” status last year for unstable finances, leadership, and faculty.

    It's certainly unfortunate for their students - I wonder what happened?
  3. BlackBird

    BlackBird Member

    How come then their prez says,
  4. telefax

    telefax New Member

    The president’s words certainly are positive about the TRACS accreditation process, aren't they? Perhaps he had some reason to think they would be able to ride it out, although the TRACS commission evidently disagreed with him.

    I recall when ACCS lost their TRACS accreditation in 2004, students were allowed to finish with an accredited degree under a “teach-out” agreement, provided they could finish within a certain time limit. I hope that applies to student caught in this situation as well.
  5. emmzee

    emmzee New Member

    Yes, hopefully the students will still be able to graduate with an accredited degree. I do feel bad for them; they sign up for an accredited school, and suddenly it becomes unaccredited! :( I hope that St Pauls will be able to continue to operate, after looking at their curriculum and emphases they seem to have a unique approach.

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