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    And after that, you'll be well-positioned to be admitted to a doctoral program, if you so desire, pretty well anywhere you like. A couple-three years in Provence might do. Weather, wine and interesting linguistics - or some time studying Native dialects in the Amazon Jungle, if you prefer. :)

    And if you don't get swallowed by a giant anaconda, or drummed out of your local petanque league, you'll return in triumph and be "Doctor Maniac, Extreme Moderator" here at DI. "Doctor Maniac" - sounds like an AM DJ! :)
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    I've been around here a bit more recently as I've started up an online graduate certificate in public health at Drexel University. I was on here looking at various options before I made the plunge.

    That sounds like a great program and is cheap to boot! If I were you, I would fill out that application post-haste (if for no other reason that I need to live vicariously through your Linguistics-learning adventures).

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    I mentioned the University of Birmingham program to my wife and she said "Do it!!!!!!"

    Whether she was encouraging me or expressing exasperation at how many different ideas I've bounced by her, I'm not sure :cool:

    Hey, that's some good stuff!! How's the program so far? Drexel is a great school, and you picked the perfect time to take up a public health program.

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