The least expensive undergraduate "Bible college" credits

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    Not sure what you would classify as low cost. There are some. Global is very good but I would have to ask what your Churches theological position is. Global is part of the Assemblies of God. If you church as an interest in church planting Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development may fit the bill. It is $150 month for the four years to get you Bachelors degree and is DETC accredited. Another possibility may be City Vision College if you are in an area with a rescue mission, drug rehab, or other type. They are $200 per credit hour and DETC accredited. Finally another possibility is INSTE Bible College which may fit you the best. It is church based, and the cost is low but you need transfer credits for the college basics. INSTE is through the Open Bible Church and also DETC accredited. Check the ABHE and TRACS websites for other schools as many of these tend to be lower in cost. DETC, TRACS, and to some degree ABHE schools may be a problem if you are looking to go on to seminary depending on several factors but there are several good seminaries that will at least consider these degrees. Hope this helps.
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    Super-cheap Bible College with ABHE (National) accreditation: Hobe Sound Bible College (campus is in Hobe Sound FL). I believe that courses are $120 per credit hour. A friend took classes there and Pell Grants paid 100% since the tuition is so low!

    Hobe Sound Bible College - Online Degree Completion
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    This is a HUGE help! Thanks for all the options to at least research.

    Has anyone out there tried for seminary with a DETC degree and been denied?
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    Good question, I do not know the answer but would be interested to know. It is my understanding that Liberty University accepts NA degrees so they may. Also CHEA has a group of schools that will at least consider NA degrees and includes several seminaries. If you start with Global you can continue and earn a M.Div through them.
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    Thanks for all the feedback. It is worthy of a comparison chart: Accreditation, completeness of degree offerings (avoiding piecemealing the process), and total degree costs. Then answering the question: what forms of Accreditation are accepted for seminary entrance.

    I appreciate the ideas posted so far!
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    It takes a phone call and two transfers to get costs from Johnson University. They said they choose not to publicize costs on their website. $220/per credit. Classes are 3 credits = $795 with fees included. This is for "guest enrollment". Full online BS in Ministry looks more costly.
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    160 per hour - $480 per class.
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    INSTE Bible College may be the perfect option for what you re trying to do. They are DETC accredited and extremely inexpensive. 84$ per class and 256$ per class after that. Check out INSTE on the DETC website. Also, you may want to check out Antioch school of ministry and church planting on the DETC website. For 150$ per month a student can progress in the program until the entire degree is paid for, I believe the cost is just over 7k. :)
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    Doesn't INSTE require you to form a group at your local church of at least 4 or 5 people to take the classes?
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    Yes, however there is an online option. Instead of forming a group of 4-10 at your church you may join an online group and finish that way. I recently went through the group leader certification.
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    Hobe Sound Bible college is a good option. I finished my AA in bible there. The courses are 160 per credit hour, but if you pay up front the cost is 130$ per hour. The come from a conservative Wesleyan-holiness perspective. The technology is very straight forward and the classes are relatively hassle fee. I had a great experience there :)

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