The Akamai Mystery

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  1. uncle janko

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    Well, I'm genuinely glad to hear it. That's reassuring.

    After the Hanoi student rip-off fiasco of a number of years ago by an ROC mill, and the seemingly endless (and similar to one another) stories coming out of Malaysia, not to mention--turnabout being a kind of sick fair play--that university (sic) in a basement in Sant Luss, one got the impression that Byzantium, where everything was for sale, had simply skidded southeastward.

    Next question: does any country, US, Malaysia, Viet Nam, ROC, wherever, have any kind of registration or licensing--quality control of some sort--for these university reps? If this doesn't exist it might actually be a useful--yeah, it could too--new form of bureaucratic control.

    Obviously, any university hiring a foreign rep ought to check out the person/agency thoroughly, but just as (genuine) accreditation provides a certain irreducible benchmark, and that easily accessible and easily understood, so might some intelligent system of agent licensure or registration peculiar to universities, not just a business rep licensure.

    If a university sent its own staff person from the home office to the other country, then the line of responsibility would be crystal clear. But a local person in the other country would have obvious advantages as a promoter of the foreign school, provided that local guy was ethical.

    It just seems like this is a soluble problem.
  2. Mohd Ali

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    The law in Malaysia is well structured.

    Any organization whom are not the approved college is not allow to offer and deliver any educational programs from diploma onwards.

    However, certificate of attendance is not control and any organization can do that.
  3. uncle janko

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  4. Mohd Ali

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    I mean anybody can organize a training program and issue certificate of attendance. This certificate has no academic value.
  5. uncle janko

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    OK. Thanks for the clarification.
  6. Ian Gordan

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    VN newspaper attack Akamai

    A reporter with what so reason that he best known, wrote in VN newspaper about unaccredited unievrsities including Akamai.

    The few points are:

    1. Akamai's agent offered USd1000 discount in tuition fee.
    (I don't think it is anything wrong)

    2. Akamai's agent tried to divert the question when ask about accreditation.
    (It is clearly stated the status in their web-site, so why this question raised again)

    3. Akamai used all Malaysia tutors.
    (Anything wrong if they are authorized by Akamai)

    4. Only 16 hours of study per module and student can complete the program in 9 months.
    (Why highlight the student that can complete in 9 months not the student that can only complete in 9 years)

    Is that mean that the longer you study in the program you are better and more qualified? Then, those who fail and resit most of teh time shall be the best and most qualified stduent as they spend long years in getting their degree.

    I think this reporter has some interest and bias in his report. It is either his reasearch is not complete of he has some hidden agenda.
  7. uncle janko

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    That's funny. Mohd Ali and I were having a civil discussion, and now an oil slick of innuendo is all over the beach.

    Ho hum.

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