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  1. kobeb

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    Hello again folks!

    I'm still shopping around for a DL MBA with B&M options...Anyone attending Texas A&M University--Commerce? Here are additional questions:

    1.) How are the course loads?
    2.) How is the administration? (Do they reply in an adequate manner?)
    3.) Are there online or proctored tests?
    4.) How many pre-requisite credits are needed for non-business undergrad students?
    5.) How’s their reputation?
    6.) Can anyone compare them with UMaryland-UC, UColorado-CS, AMBERTON, CSU-DH, or Colorado State?

    Any other inputs is greatly appreciated...Thanks in advance.

    -k sends...
  2. blaketots

    blaketots New Member

    I'm in my first semester with TAMU-C which started on August 30. There is a wide amount of variation between each of the courses. I'm enrolled in 4 courses.

    Some of the instructors use the discussion board and have an interactive course, while others merely post lectures and homework assignments.

    I also took 12 hours at UMUC and can honestly say that I felt better about the education I was receiving at UMUC than I do so far at TAMU-C.

    Most of the students in my TAMU-C courses are coming into the program straight from their undergraduate programs with little work experience. The overall "feel" of the courses are different than the experience I had with UMUC.

    I have had all online tests and assignments. It is at the discretion of each instructor whether or not to use proctors.

    If both UMUC and TAMU-C were AACSB-accredited, I would be going with UMUC. However, I plan to teach, so the AACSB-accreditation is essential for me.

    Hope that helps.
  3. kobeb

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    Thank you very much for your reply…Your inputs are informative…I was really surprised that TAMU-C would waive the GMAT if your undergrad GPA was more than a 2.75. Colorado State University offered me the same option because of my GPA and work experience. Is the online delivery like WebTycho?

    I’m still researching MBA opportunities with AMBERTON, U Colorado-CS, CSU-DH, and Colorado State University. Anyone with information with the schools mentioned above, please share your thoughts.

    As far as UMUC…I was enrolled in the MBA/MS in MIS. I was working on the MBA first and then the MSM afterwards. I’ve since changed my mind. If I stick it out with UMUC, I’ll probably go with a technology field related MS first then an MBA with UMUC or an AACSB institution.

    On the same note, I’m also researching the MS in Technology Management (MSTM) / MBA from UMUC. Does anyone have any experience UMUC’s MSTM/MBA program? Same questions…Work load, proctored test, etc…

    Thank you!

    -k sends
  4. Mr. Engineer

    Mr. Engineer member

    I am going to CSU-DH. Not a bad program for the cost ($300 a unit). However, so far it is pretty low tech. The ACC502 (accounting) has downloadable video's of actual classes which helps. The bridge courses were tough because you were essentially on your own (or so it appeared).

    Does anyone know if Colorado State U in CS accept transfer credits from a CSU?
  5. manjuap

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    Colorado State University

    You may request a waiver of the GMAT if you meet ALL of the following criteria, however, making the request does not guarantee that the waiver will be granted.

    You are applying for the Evening or Distance Education MBA programs

    You have a minimum of eight years of full-time, professional work experience (post bachelor's degree)

    Your experience includes at least four years of managerial/supervisory responsibilities

    You have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale for all course work completed

  6. kobeb

    kobeb New Member


    You're absolutely correct ...The waiver process if pretty thorough and is not guaranteed; however, you never know if you'll get it unless you try. I should've mentioned this in my previous post.

    In addition, you stated: "You have a minimum of eight years of full-time, professional work experience (post bachelor's degree)”

    Very true, however, if you're a non-traditional student, they will take this in consideration. Call the admissions counselor and they'll brief you on it...
  7. Jonathan Liu

    Jonathan Liu Member


    Are you sure that the above statement is accurate? I know that TAMUC may waive the GMAT if you already hold a regionally accredited master degree.

    I was in TAMUC's online MBA program four years ago. They started it in Fall 1999 and canceled the program at end of 2000 because many faculty members thought it might affect the quality of their in-class program since they have to spend time to prepare two kinds of teaching for each class.

    Now the program is back.
  8. blaketots

    blaketots New Member

    The GMAT thing is 100% true. I have NOT taken the GMAT and I was admitted into the MBA program at TAMU-C. The only degree that I have is a BSBA.

    My undergrad GPA was 3.3, so I was well above the 2.75 requirement.
  9. jfccac

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    I'm in MGT585 with you. I sent you an IM last night while logged on Educator. I'm interested in your opinion of other the other courses you are taking.


    John C

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