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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by billp, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. billp

    billp New Member

    I'm considering taking a couple of courses from LSU's Independant Study Dept. Does anyone know of an exam site in Atlanta? Does the GSU Testing Center handle these exams?


  2. unixman

    unixman New Member

    Hi there, Bill. I live in Alpharetta, on the north end. Not sure about GSU, but check out Gwinnett Technical College. I believe they do proctored exams, etc.

    I use North Georgia College and State University up in Dahlonega. A bit of a drive, but its against traffic (you know where I'm going with that lol), and its a nice and easy lunch in the mountains for me and the wife on test days. I take CLEPs there, and will be doing some proctoring as well - $15 a test for proctored exams - can't beat that. :)

  3. billp

    billp New Member

    Do they test on weekends? I work downtown about a block from GSU and can actually take CLEP's and DANTES during my lunch hour.

    I'll check with Gwinnett though.

    BTW, I saw your tag line about Rock of the Marne, I grew up on Ft. Stewart and still get down to see the parents a couple of times a year!

    Thanks for the heads up.

  4. unixman

    unixman New Member

    I don't think they do (NGCSU, I mean). Not sure about Gwinnett.

    Hehe - that was after my time. I was stationed in the 3rd ID when they were posted in Germany (during the 80s). I think they reflagged them to the states in the early-mid 90s.

    Its kinda fun walking around the NGCSU campus on test day, though. North Georgia Military College is there, and I get to talk around and mingle with the cadets a bit, tell them what its really like when they go active duty. :)

  5. mbastian

    mbastian New Member

    You can take these exams at GSU's Counseling Center. Thats were I take the CLEP exam.
  6. anthonym

    anthonym New Member

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