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  1. ravenclawed

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    Hello All,

    My nephew is looking to complete his AS degree in Business from TESC and has tested out or used Straighterline for most of the credits. He says he has been told that Rutgers will accept the whole Associates per their instate agreement with public colleges in NJ. Does anyone here have experience with this process?

    I looked on the site for the BABA at Rutgers and it says there needs to be a 2.5 GPA and he may not have a GPA from TESC due to how he got the credits.

    Any info you might have would be helpful.
  2. Neuhaus

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    I don't have direct experience with this situation.

    However, Rutgers is very familiar with TESU. It wasn't too long ago that Chris Christie unveiled his brilliantly stupid plan to merge the two entities. Fortunately he backed down after a meeting where it was pointed out that such a proposal was idiotic and almost certainly would not enrich him or his political allies.

    If Rutgers is willing to accept a TESU A.A. as a block toward the B.A., then I'm sure that said agreement has anticipated issues with GPAs as well. When a school agrees to accept a degree in that manner, as opposed to course-by-course evaluation, it necessarily has to make some concessions in the process (e.g. course numbering differences, certain prerequisites, GPAs etc).

    This is also an incredibly specific question that can be answered more authoritatively by contacting the registrar at Rutgers. Please note that I said the Registrar and not the admissions department. The Registrar is much more likely to be intimately familiar with any relevant arrangements and, again, is almost certainly very familiar with the nuances associated with transfers from TESU.
  3. ravenclawed

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    Thank you for the prompt reply. I will direct him to the Registrar. That is great advice.
  4. Davewill

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    Quickly searching around, everything I saw about a transfer agreement involved an AA/AS from a community college. In fact TESU was listed as one of the schools you could transfer TO.

    The Rutgers BABA program site, under admissions says:
    It might not directly apply to someone coming from TESU, which is a 4-year school. Anyway, get the answer from the horse's mouth as suggested above. That's the only way to be sure.

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