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    Hello everyone. I am currently at Charter Oak State College. I am graduating in August with a BS in Health Care Administration. In order to complete the degree quicker and cheaper, I opted to use straighterline. I took about 12 classes on straighterline and the grades on my transcript came out as pass/fail. I heard that too many pass or fails can look bad when applying to grad school. I am thinking of applying to Thomas Edison for their MBA program. I do know that TESC and Straighterline are partners. Does anyone know if this will affect my admission chances? Any information is helpful.
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    MBA Program Admissions Requirements

    They explicitly state that they accept credit-by-exam to fulfill undergrad pre-req requirements, so I doubt they are going to look askance. My general feel is that most schools don't care too much about pass/fail if the credit is earned by exam. My degree plan included 7 CLEPs, 1 DSST, and 6 AP exams (plus waiving a course requirement by portfolio), and I was admitted by four different b-schools, receiving significant merit-based financial aid at three of them.

    Good luck!
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    TESC's graduate programs are not cheap. If you're going to attend an unranked school with little to no name recognition, you might as well choose the cheapest option. Patten and Western Governors University have easy admissions requirements.

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