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  1. Babaganoosh

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    Good evening all!

    I have been carefully assessing my skills in preparation for assembling portfolios for TESC. I will be starting there in the fall, due to the financial aid/comprehensive tuition setup. I can't start before or the financial aid doesn't work to my advantage.

    In the meantime, I am trying to get a handle on portfolio possibilities and requirements without benefit of an academic advisor.

    So, with that, here is my question.

    My local Community College has 200-Level, 3 credit courses in Windows 2000 Professional and Server. It states clearly in the course description that the class will prepare the student for the appropriate Microsoft exam.

    If I have taken and passed these exams (recently, by the way, in the past 8 months), is the certification report sufficient for the credit, or do I have to come up with a whole portfolio? I'd think they would take the cert as proof that I know the material (I aced both exams).

    Feedback please!


  2. Hille

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    Microsoft Certification

    Hello, I checked the catalog (Pg 105) TESC in reference to your question. This is what I would do. Request a credit banking form from the American Council of Education. If I remember correctly the credit bank cost only $25. Bank your certifications with them. When you apply to TESC have a transcript sent directly to registrar from ACE. Take advantage of the FEMA credits listed on the same page. I'm sure you have read the previous discussion about them. They are also listed on page 105. Free to take. Accepted at TESC. Transcripts from FEMA are free. Course tests may be taken on the internet. The educational staff couldn't be more informative and helpful. Although these take more time then CLEP, DANTES, ect., the price is right. Degree of difficulty varies by test. I hope this helped you. The more organized you are in the TESC area the faster the process. Hille (TESC -1985) - mother of 2001 grad- wife of soon to be 2002 grad
  3. Babaganoosh

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    Thanks Hille. I may need to rephrase though, as I don't think I was clear about my intention.

    I can't get ACE credits for these two exams. I need at least an MCP+ Internet for that and even then, it's very few credits (2, I think).

    The classes teach the material needed to pass the exam and pretty much exist for that purpose. They are 3 credits each, so I would get 6 credits for them if TESC accepts the portfolio, which I think they will.

    Honestly, I don't want to bake up a 6 to 15 page portfolio rehashing what the exam material states if the course and cert, nicely presented, are enough.
  4. slappy

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    Excelsior gives you credit for each MS test passed.

  5. Babaganoosh

    Babaganoosh New Member

    Yes, I saw that they do. I am much more interested in TESC. They are 10 miles from my house, and there are a lot of other things I really like about them.


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