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  1. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    If I wanted to teach accounting, what classes would be better to take to prepare and get hired as an online adjunct?

    The accounting concentration portion of an MBA program
    - MBA6301 External Auditing and Assurance
    - MBA6302 Advanced Financial Accounting
    - MBA6303 Advanced Financial Reporting
    - MBA6304 Advanced Taxation
    - MBA6305 Advanced Accounting Information Systems
    - MBA6306 Forensic and Fraud Auditing
    - MBA6307 Corporate Controllership
    - MBA6308 Accounting Services Consulting


    a graduate certificate in accounting:
    AC505 Managerial Accounting
    AC550 Intermediate Accounting I
    AC551 Intermediate Accounting II
    AC553 Federal Taxes and Management Decisions
    AC559 Advanced Financial Accounting and Reporting Issues
    AC557 Intermediate Accounting III
    FI504 Accounting and Finance: Managerial Use and Analysis
  2. Shawn Ambrose

    Shawn Ambrose New Member

    How's this for a non-answer... it depends :)

    The MBA concentration might be a better fit, along with the Ph.D. to teach upper level courses. The grad certificate would be better suited to teach more entry level courses where there are probably more adjunct positions.

    I would look at what your teaching goal was, but if it is to get your foot in the door, I would go with the certificate because those courses (esp. Managerial and Intermediate Accounting) are taught in almost all business programs at the undergrad level.

    As always, best of luck.

  3. macattack

    macattack New Member

    It is amazing to me that a "graduate" certificate can include "intermediate" level accounting. The second choice is horrible, you should know that stuff BEFORE you start graduate studies. I would make sure that the universities you want to teach at will accept undergrad level courses as part of the 18 graduate credits.

    The first choice looks better. What MBA program is that from?

    As someone who has worked at a very large CPA firm, I would recommend Golden Gate University as they have a decent rep here in the West, particularly the Tax program. Of course, there are significant prerequisite requirements required to undertake their Graduate Certificates.

  4. macattack

    macattack New Member

    I googled the courses, looks like it is the South University MBA program. Are they going to allow you to take just those courses to create a certificate, or are you looking at another MBA?
  5. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster

    You will need about 18 credits, first list is more suitable!
    Is this another announcement for new degree?
  6. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    The first was South and the second was DeVry and no this is not an announcement of another program...yet
  7. foobar

    foobar Member

    With EIGHT graduate accounting courses in South's concentration (assuming that these are 3-credit courses), you should probably consider an additional alternative - The M.S. in accounting. These programs are typically 30 graduate hours beyond an undergrad accounting major/minor. This is a much better degree for someone that wants to teach accounting than an MBA.
  8. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster

    Can you please elaborate about this rationale?
  9. ProfTim

    ProfTim Member

    "With EIGHT graduate accounting courses in South's concentration (assuming that these are 3-credit courses), you should probably consider an additional alternative - The M.S. in accounting. These programs are typically 30 graduate hours beyond an undergrad accounting major/minor. This is a much better degree for someone that wants to teach accounting than an MBA."

    I concur with this recommendation. When you want to teach, most schools are going to look at your transcript and will be looking for a minimum of 18 graduate level hours with a class prefix of ACC. Unless you have your CPA or CMA, having a MBA is going to provide some limitations going forward.
  10. foobar

    foobar Member

    An MBA is a general business degree, an accounting specializtion/concentration would rarely involve more than four graduate courses in accounting. That being said, an individual with an MBA and professional certification (CPA, CMA, etc.) should have no problem finding work as an adjunct instructor teaching the first-year accounting courses.

    The MSA degree requires ten graduate courses (thirty hours) beyond the undergraduate minor/major and would prepare a person to teach upper-level courses (intermediate, cost, etc.).

    This is not to say that one can only teach the first-year accounting courses with an MBA in accounting - in fact its quite common. My comment was that if you were to take EIGHT graduate accounting courses you might as well take two more and get the specialzed graduate accounting degree.
  11. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster

    I have a MBA and has not put any limitations going forward, the difference is that my MBA is in Accounting (18 credits)!
  12. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster

    Valid point and more clear now, My MBA has 18 credits in accounting and put me right in to sit for the CPA exam no problem, and also I have local college going crazy for me to teach accounting (is just hard to find people with accounting degrees to teach:eek:) , turn them down 3 times already, (I just don't want to give up my current job for a partime adjunt faculty gig).
  13. mbaonline

    mbaonline New Member

    I agree...

  14. macattack

    macattack New Member

    I know of UCONN, Auburn and Sac. State. Do you know of any other AACSB online programs?

    UCONN and Auburn require a week residency and Sacramento is synchronous. UCONN only offers classes in Fall and Summer, I guess they figure accountants are busy in the spring preparing taxes. Sacramento is the cheapest, about the same as a certificate at other schools.
  15. macattack

    macattack New Member


    I have an idea for you.

    What to you think of a MSAF at UMUC? Its like two certificates, one in accounting and one in finance, which are combined into one masters degree. Then you can teach accounting and finance!:D
  16. macattack

    macattack New Member

    Oh, I forgot Florida Atlantic University (AACSB), but their out-of-state tuition is crazy so I blocked it out of my mind. If you live in florida (Randell?) it may be the best option. They have an MBA in accounting and other accounting masters degrees, maybe even certificate options.


  17. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    These were the options and four were required for the MBA program.
  18. AV8R

    AV8R Active Member

    I e-mailed UCONN about this not too long ago, as I'm looking into their program too. The response I received indicated that they have been offering a couple of courses during the spring semester and expect to increase their course offerings in the spring over time.
  19. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    What about this program for a certificate-
    Accounting Certificate Courses:
    ACC 550 Cost Accounting (course description)
    ACC 610 Financial Reporting I (course description)
    ACC 620 Financial Reporting II (course description)
    ACC 630 Financial Reporting III (course description)
    ACC 640 Auditing (course description)
    ACC 690 Advanced Topics in Financial Reporting (course description)
    TAX 650 Federal Taxation of Individuals (course description)
  20. geoffs

    geoffs Member

    Depends where you want to teach. There are a number of AACSB M.Acc programs at only 30 credit hours....look around


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