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  1. Tunas

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    Apologies if this has been discussed-to-death. I did a search, and only see some brief discussions from 2003 and 2004. Technology has changed a bit since then, so I am hoping this is a relevant question.

    I am a visual person. I learn by listening and watching. That is probably why it is taking me so long to find a good graduate program. I don't want to set myself up for failure getting into a program that is straight reading. I need that lecture element. Therefore, I am looking for a program that has streaming video (or at least some sort of audio/visual program). Can someone point me to accredited Master's degree programs that utilize video?

    (Now I know your first question will be "what type of program are you looking for?", and I wish I had that answer. My interests lie in theology (particularly comparative theology), but my undergrad is in business (BBA) with a concentration in MIS - I work in computers now - but I am wanting to leave that behind.

    I am torn because I am not interested in being a minister/priest/pastor. Theology is my first and foremost interest. It is what I read for pleasure, but I have been spoiled by a nice salary for the last 10+ years in I.T., and will need to set my sights on teaching theology at a university level just to make my mortgage payments. And as my beloved priest once told me - "it is burnt out priests and ministers that have 25 years of ministry experience who get first choice at teaching jobs".

    So to answer the "what program" question is either to master in theology or in finance (MS/MBA or CFP prep).)

    - Tunas
  2. tmartca

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    I can't help you with theology option, but I can give you a finance option.

    In the UK, the University of Reading offers a MSc in International Securities, Investment a Banking:

    I was seriously considering this program before I decided to switch careers. Their lectures are via DVD, instead of streaming video that you can access online. They have an online request form that you can submit. They will then send you a program brochure and a sample DVD so you can see if you like the DVD approach as opposed to other delivery methods. (BTW, it will take a few weeks if you live outside of the UK. I recieved mine about three weeks after I submitted the form.)
  3. Jack Tracey

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    Holy Apostles College and Seminary (sorry, I don't have the link handy) has an RA Masters degree program in Theology that is done entirely by VHS video tapes and email.
    (BTW, they have a MA in Philosophy program as well.)
  4. jdaug

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    I think Liberty University has a lot of their courses on Video/DVD. I think they have a pretty good offering of religious courses and programs.
  5. Newbie2DL

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    The ISMA one is great! Any other Masters programs out there in Finance (via video or paper-based)?
  6. aic712

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    college for financial planning

    Not sure if they have streaming video, but they do have CFP prep, and a master's degree.
  7. BinkWile

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    Harvard University's School of Extension offers an ALM which uses streaming video of the course being offered in Cambridge.

    Be advised though, one cannot complete the ALM entirely through DL.
  8. Splas

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    I love the look and title (MA - Philosophy) of that program and costs are very reasonable ($220 per credit). They even have a thesis option (very impressive).

    Thank you for sharing the info.

    MA Philosophy

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