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  1. rdl50

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    I came across this website and was wondering about thier accreditation.

    Here is what is says on their website:


    Stratford International University (SFIU) is licensed as a degree-granting institution of higher education by the State of Wyoming Department of Education in the United States of America under WS 21-2-401 to WS 21-2-407.

    Stratford International University (SFIU) in the Republic of South Africa is incorporated under the Department of Trade and Industry and is approved and registered with (NADEOSA) the National Association of Distance Education Organizations of South Africa.

    Stratford International University (SFIU) programs and degrees have been approved with full reciprocal academic recognition by the Ministry of General and Professional Education (State Inspection for Quality Assessment) in the Russian Federation.

    Stratford International University (SFIU) Programs in Health and Human Services and Disability Studies are Board certified by the American Board of Medical Psychotherapists and Psychodiagnosticians and the American Board of Disability Analysts respectively.

    Any thoughts on this? are they accredited or not in the USA?

    And how about the claims in Russia and South Africa?
  2. uncle janko

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    The SA stuff is worthless. Real schools in SA are part of SAUVCA and are connected with SAQA. There are some real schools in NADEOSA, but it is in no way an accreditation agency, nor is it a government agency of any kind. Furthermore, "Stratford" is not even on NADEOSA's member contact list.
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  3. Ohnalee

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    Stratford is not accredited in the USA. The Wyoming state approval process doesn't include a quality review, so it serves the same function as a business license. If Stratford is really registered in Wyoming, that's as far as it goes.

    As an aside, why do DL websites always include pics that depict the idyllic college campus experience? I guess if you're enrolled with Stratford, you can study anywhere you want -- even on the lawn at Bryn Mawr. :rolleyes:
  4. oxpecker

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    Janko is correct, but his statement should read "Real Universities in SA ..." SAUVCA is an association of the country's Universities, and the use of "University" in an organization's name is legally restricted (as it is in other countries -- e.g. UK, I believe).

    The SA organization to watch is HEQC, which is responsible for what we in the U.S. would term accreditation. The SA process is just now emerging. See HEQC COMMUNIQUÉ TO HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS AND OTHER STAKEHOLDERS for some information on current status.

    In the absence of a rigorous accreditation system, I believe that most private higher ed. providers in SA are questionable at best (even though registered by SAQA).
  5. uncle janko

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    Thanks for the correction and expansion, Oxpecker.

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