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  1. agate

    agate New Member

    I took a single course at Straigherline , introduction to C++ programming, and passed . Now I did not register at any college and have no intention of doing so (already have my masters) , I just wanted to take this single course.

    Now I assumed that I would receive some sort of official print-out which would include the course name and final grade. Now it seems not , they will sent a transcript to a college or I can download some unofficial transcript (useless).

    I feel so depressed. All this time and effort for nothing??!
    Unless someone maybe knows of a college that would accept this transcript and send me some official course name/grade print-out?

  2. TonyM

    TonyM Member

    Excelsior is one of the Straighterline schools. Excelsior has a credit banking service. You can probably transfer your Straighterline course there as well as any other ACE-approved and random coursework you take over the years. They will also consolidate your existing coursework into one big transcript.

    Excelsior College | OneTranscript for credit consolidation
  3. agate

    agate New Member

    Thanks. Won't it be a problem that I already have a degree? (though not with them).
    Also, will this print-out include the course name and grade ? as it is quite expensive.

  4. TonyM

    TonyM Member

    The degree won't be a problem. The service is meant to consolidate random coursework and degrees into a single transcript for convenience. The idea is that you can add random credits, such as the Straighterline course, and anything else over time. The Straigherline course would appear as any other course on a standard college transcript.
  5. agate

    agate New Member

    Thanks , I will contact them :)
  6. Neuhaus

    Neuhaus Well-Known Member

    NCCRS relies on you receiving proof of course completion from the provider. But ACE has its own transcript service. Any time I've sent ACE recommended credits to a school it has been directly from ACE (and my military credits are on my SMART), never from the course provider.

    I've never used Straighterline. Can you add it to your ACE transcript? Log in and add the course. If Straighterline approves it then it will appear there and you can send the ACE Transcript wherever you like.

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