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    Hey guys I have a question: is it possible to get a letter grade for SL classes that are transferred directly to Excelsior from SL without going via Ft Hays or any other college?

    The English Comp class for example used to be taken by Ft Hays now Excelsior takes it directly but I don't know if they will award a letter grade or just a P/F anybody has experience with this (not only with English Comp but with any othet SL classes going directly to Excelsior) ?

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    looks like spam to me
    if you have a direct link, then post it.
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    I am not sure what SPAM you are speaking of.... I gave you the link in the original post to and I will be happy to post the link to SL's web site. Find it below. While "jra" may be a new SL user, this topic is far from new. You can go straight to Excelsior for credit, you can use ACE for SL and then send it for credit at Excelsior.... Either way, it is only pass/fail. Fort Hays will not accept the SL English Comp to the point is moot.

    Link: College Transfer Credits Process - StraighterLine

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    It looks like Excelsior might take SL courses listed on the ACE site. But the only way to know for sure is to ask Excelsior.
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    The SL 2 Excelisor topic is discussed to the point of punishment however there is no mention to grade letters when classes go directly from SL to Excelsior (no ACE, no Ft Hays.. that is the reason of my question. If you are in a bad mood and dont have exerience with the issue (re-read my question) then don't answer! and by the way.. I am not new here and seems like I am older than you.
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    I transferred SL ACE courses to Excelsior. Credits were issued a pass grade. On your transcript, you will be issued a grade of "P", which simply means you passed the course. Tell them that you want the transcripts sent to excelsior, and they will do so.:headbang:
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    Assuming I understand correctly, some of you guys aren't following the OP. The critical piece of information you may not know: Excelsior is now a partner college *cheer*, ergo, ACE is not required for transfer. My understanding is that a letter grade will be issued if the grade is transferred directly and ACE is not implemented. If you get a poor grade use ACE so that it shows up as P/F. After poking around SL's site I didn't see anything to verify that direct transfer results in a grade, but that is my current understanding of the issue. I know that's how it works with many of the other partner colleges.

    I hope that helps :).
    If all else fails Andrew at straighterline should be able to give you more information. I am confident he will know the answer conclusively. You can contact him at [email protected] he is quite good about answering quickly.
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    Some partner colleges will issue a letter grade, S, TC, or P/F. A few colleges were partners before their courses were ACE approved. I know that Excelsior College requires ACE for straighterline business transfer credit, since I am enrolled in the business college at Excelsior. Regardless, I had straighterline transcripts directly sent to Excelsior without ACE involvement. The courses were still awarded a pass grade. Perhaps there is another way to transfer credits to excelsior and have a letter grade of A,B,C issued? Was the process different for other people?

    College Transfer Credits Process - StraighterLine
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    Thanks raristud for correcting me. I'm really disappointed to hear that EC may be awarding only pass/fail.

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