Straighter Line - How long did it take you to complete a course?

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  1. Dewailer

    Dewailer New Member

    I've signed up for the English II course over the weekend. How long did it take you to complete the course? I'm also eyeing Microeconomics & Biology w/ Lab. I'm just seeking some feedback on any of these courses. I would like to take a few classes but most schools have already started - I begin at Bellevue University Nov. 29, 2010. Thanks guys.
  2. Dewailer

    Dewailer New Member

    Can anyone offer any guidance with these classes?
  3. muaranah

    muaranah New Member

    You might be more likely to to find an answer to your question over on Degree Forum.
  4. rickyjo

    rickyjo New Member

    I completed Microeconomics and Macroeconomics in about a week each. I don't have experience with any of the other courses you mentioned. It was very quick because unlike English there is no waiting on somebody to grade papers, etc, I can simply get my work done 12 hours a day if I want. I prefer that model, I want as little interaction as possible, I just want to get it done.
  5. jobee

    jobee Member

    Took Managerial Accounting in 9 hours straight, got an A thanks to Rickyjo's study guide.

  6. rickyjo

    rickyjo New Member

    I'm so glad it helped!
  7. jra

    jra Member

    in 9 hours with an A????? how is that even possible? Is there a hint I don't know?
  8. StraighterLine

    StraighterLine New Member

    How long does it take to complete a course?
    It takes an average StraighterLine student about 40 days to complete an online course. You can finish one of our classes in less than a week if you wanted or take it over many months. The choice is yours. This student took college algebra in one week.

    I know this is not an exact answer to your question but hope it helps.

  9. jra

    jra Member

    is Charter Oak taking SL class offering the option to later transfer classes to other colleges? I alreayd completed all the classes I could have transcripted by Ft Hays. But I would like to take more classes however I want them transcripted so I can then transfer them to the college of my choice.
  10. raristud

    raristud Member

    Will straighterline offer more business courses in the near future? I'm interested in the following courses: Intro to Management, Intro to Marketing, Principles of Finance, Business Law, Operations Management, and Business Ethics. Clep and DSST is an option for some of these subjects, but I would rather save a trip to a testing center. Thanks.
  11. okydd

    okydd New Member

    Do you have any feedback on English 11? Can it be completed in 1 months @ 24 hours per week? Did you had to puchase a text, or are all the materials included online. Any one can reply. I have a month break between courses. Thanks
  12. cookderosa

    cookderosa Resident Chef

    Our family has so far only experienced 1 course. My son is taking Developmental Writing (ENG099) and in each of the 16 modules there are both practice and graded modules. In about every other one, there is a written assignment. An annoying aspect of the written assignments, is that he is REQUIRED to submit a draft- wait for a grade- then submit his final. ANNOYING! And, when you submit your draft, they don't evaluate the whole draft, you have to check box 2 things you want feedback on. <eye roll> You should know that all of your work is graded by lottery through Smarthinking dot com. That company (also owned by Straighterline) has a pool of graders, so it's sometimes frustrating because some are excellent and, well, others not so much. I hate Smarthinking for a number of reasons (yes, hate) and if I find another option before August for an ACE evaluated self-paced ENG101/102 we'll use it. I like SL, but I'll only choose classes not linked to the Smarthinking. (except Math, which we use ALEKS for- which we LOVE LOVE LOVE)

    As you know it's self-paced, but I assigned my son 2 modules per school week, so it should have taken 2 months, but it's ending up being 3 because of the grade lag. Your grade posts in smarthinking, but then it has to post in straighterline. He has work from MARCH not in the grade book as of today! All in all, it's ok. He'll start Eng101 and 102 next, and so I wanted him to get a feel for SL before jumping in for a "real" class.

    In the bio w/lab you'll have lab reports (graded via smarthinking) but in micro you'll do only online stuff- nothing written. I will say that the difference between the English courses and the others is that you'll need the textbook. The ENG099,101,102 don't require texts.

    EDIT: For our new "Straighterline" member, please don't suggest I talk to our "advisor" because she doesn't answer the phone. Ever. 7 voice mails and counting.
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  13. toddsbiyj

    toddsbiyj New Member

    I like most of SL's courses, so far. Totally at your own pace most times except for the English course(a bit annoying at times).

    I finished eng comp 1 fairly quickly but now I have been trying to get the advisor to answer/return my calls-emails. I had my final paper graded but it has not been assigned to "my grades" so I cannot have them submit the course for ACE credit. They used to have great customer service with Andrew but now it seems they have no customer service/advisor assistance for the students. If they get this problem fixed I would give SL 2 thumbs up.
  14. SDO

    SDO New Member

    Would you or Rickyjo please link or re-post the study guide? I did a search but only came up with a post from Rickyjo announcing some new Straighterline classes, one of which was Managerial Accounting.
  15. livinginlilliput

    livinginlilliput New Member

    I know this is an old thread, but I just found it while trying to decide whether to take Straighterline Managerial Accounting (to use as TESC Cost Accounting) or the TECEP Advertising. I just finished Business Communications in a couple of days and I have 2 weeks left on my Straighterline month. I liked how Business Communications was laid out so that I could tell how well I was doing at any given point in the class. Plus, with the test being open book, it was not that difficult to find the answers I needed fast.

    For the Managerial Accounting/Cost Accounting, is there much math, or is is theory? Also, if anyone has a copy of rickyjo's study guide that was mentioned in another post, I would be so grateful for a link.

    With Business Communications, I missed a few questions since my text was an earlier edition and some things were changed around since then (chapters and some content). Has anyone tried the 2008 edition with the Straighterline Managerial Accounting class?
  16. joyous2012

    joyous2012 New Member


    Does anyone have a copy of the study guide referred to in this thread?

    I have 3 more classes left (this is one of them). For some reason, it is just not sinking in and looking for any assistance. I have taken 9 DSST's and 3 straighterlines within the last month and NOTHING gave me this much difficulty! So frustrating!
  17. Jim_Nasium

    Jim_Nasium New Member

    I could really use that study guide myself if anyone finds it. Thanks

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