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  1. mona

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    Hi All,

    I am on my way to fullfilling prerequisites for a BSN and I need a course in statistics. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. anthonym

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    BYU has upper and lower level statistics independent study courses:

  3. skidadl

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    Penn Foster has individual courses that you can order and do completely open book and untimed.

    They are ACE reviewed so they transfer to many schools.

    You must call the Business and Industrial department and ask for a manager. Nobody else will know what you are talking about and will swear that you are crazy for even asking.

    They are very cheap too. About $160 with books included.

    I took their Biz Stats and was very well pleased. I made it through even though I am half-disabled when it comes to anything beyond 2 + 2.

    Good luck.
  4. PhiloScholar

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    Excelsior College has a course examination option in Statistics. Self-paced format, proctured exam. I'm starting statistics this quarter (in about a week), though not from Excelsior as all my work is coming from Portland State and being transfered to EC.

    Good luck.

    - Shawn

  5. 3$bill

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    If your school accepts DANTES/DSST exams, the amount you'd need to learn to pass the Stats exam is considerably less than a typical Intro to Stats class. And of course much less expensive.

    But I spent a couple of years hanging around nurses as a nurse's assistant, and it seems to me that a full course's worth of probability and statistics could be pretty worthwhile.

    And you never know, you might go for your MSN someday and have to take Biostats or Epidemiology, where it would come in handy.
  6. Ian Anderson

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  7. Fortunato

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    If credit by exam will work, then you might want to consider the DSST Principles of Statistics exam. I used a Princeton Review study guide for the AP Statistics exam to prep for this one, about $20, and passed with a 75. Good luck!

    Here's a link to the DSST candidate bulletin.
  8. jdaug

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  9. mona

    mona New Member

    Thanks to all for the links and info. I am trying not to be such a baby but there is just something about a stats course that makes me ill.

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