St. Regis story includes Dunbar interview (WTHR)

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    Sandra Chapman, the reporter for NBC-affiliate WTHR-TV (Indianapolis) who has covered St. Regis in three previous stories, ran an update Wednesday evening. There is a link to the video on the WTHR site.

    Ms. Chapman had covered the visits of SRU staffers Ishaq Shafq and Bob Stefaniak to an Indiana Chrysler plant in a pair of May, 2004 stories titled Degrees of Deception as well as a June, 2004 followup titled Chrysler workers face St. Regis administrators. These stories led Jeff Weber, head of Indiana's Commission on Proprietary Education, to write to Washington State Attorney General (now Governor) Christine Gregoire about St. Regis, triggering the current multi-agency investigation.

    I believe Ms. Chapman's story is the first broadcast coverage that describes the Liberia connection. The report includes interviews with Greg Ashe (the FTC lawyer who ran the 2003 action against the University Degree Program), James McDevitt (U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Washington), Abdulah Dunbar (deputy chief of mission of the Liberian Embassy), and Richard Lugar (U.S. senator from Indiana and chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee). Ashe is not identified by name in the video, but he appears 36 seconds into the story.

    Also on camera are Dixie Randock, Steve Randock and "St. Regis Registrar" Richard Novak. Ms. Randock did not answer questions from reporters; she is described as Mr. Novak's "old high school girlfriend" during the story.

    Chapman asked Dunbar if he would "seek diplomatic immunity." He replied "Seek diplomatic immunity? Yeah, I'm a diplomat."

    The Liberian Embassy, as well as the Mead, WA site used by SRU, are also shown in the story.
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    the address, FYI

    The DHL envelope shown in the report (it had probably contained the diploma purchased by WTHR last year) shows this address:

    A+ Institute
    14525 N Newport Hwy
    Mead, WA 99021
    United States
    Sent by: A. Hensley
    Phone #: 509-465-4343
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    Dear Galaga, Thanks for the great research. Yours Very Truly Nikolas Horthy

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