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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Marylars, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. Marylars

    Marylars New Member

    Does anyone have any experience with SJCME's Long Term Care Administration certificate programs?

    A great opportunity has presented itself to me and I may be headed back into the healthcare arena -- specifically retirement community management. Here in Maryland, CCRC administrators/execs are not required to have a NHA license, but I figure it surely can't hurt...especially if I decide to move out of state down the road.

    Here is where I need your help...

    I have done a limited amount of research so far and, from what I can tell, they are the only game in town that is approved by the NHA board to offer distance learning that will apply toward licensure -- so that part is also pretty much already decided. Plus, I really like the whole self-paced concept.

    To those of you who are already enrolled there...please address the self-paced nature of the coursework with me. If I am work my tail off, how quickly do you think a person might REALISTICALLY be able to work through five courses and earn my first certificate?

    Now...add to the last question the fact that I am about halfway through an Amberton MBA and plan to try to do both at the same time (1-2 classes at a time has been my pace thus far. If I start the SJCME program AND change careers simultaneously, I would definitely move that down to one class at a time.) I'm banking on the flexibility of the self-paced process to make it workable.

    Finally, SJCME offers two different levels of LTC certificates -- each 18 credits. If I decide to get both of them and include the credits they will allow one to transfer (up to 89 undergrad), I will have completed most of the requirements for a BS in Long Term Care Administration. I've already got a BS and an MA (both healthcare related) and will be adding an MBA to that when I'm done. Would the BS in LTC Admin just be overkill? (I'm thinking so.) Or...would I be better off just going with the two certificates and not worry about transfering the rest of the coursework from my other undergrad degree?

    Granted, some of this (the whole worrying about whether to get a degree or just the two certs) is at least a year away, but I'm a big planner...always have been.

    Thanks a bunch!

  2. mourningdove

    mourningdove New Member

    Once you have 2 masters the BS will not be as much a factor except to get licensed. I am a graduate of SJC external Degree in the early 80s. It was always a good experience. Don't forget about the required summer residency if you go on to earn the degree. Good luck.

  3. friendorfoe

    friendorfoe Active Member

    Didn't the summer residency requirement just become optional with their tuition increase?
  4. Marylars

    Marylars New Member

    Thanks for your responses.

    My feeling is the same on the certificates vs. the second bachelor's. I believe that a second BS would be of no real use to me, either. (I'm much wider awake than I was last night when I typed the question.)
  5. mourningdove

    mourningdove New Member

    Re: Re: SJCME - NOT an MBA question

    If it did that is great. Although a very positive experience it was very stressful and added additional expense.


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