Shutdown of Professor Gollin’s Web Site Makes The Chronicle

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by George Brown, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. George Brown

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    I feel for George...

    I went through the same issues in Australia, and had to pull my website down. The beauty of it though? No diploma mill will ever be able to operate or deliver into Australia. Mission accomplished. Die Diploma Mill scum!!!


  2. Gus Sainz

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  4. g-gollin

    g-gollin New Member

    stay tuned...

    Hi folks,

    If things go smoothly for the web master, the material might appear on the ODA site ( ) this Friday, 10/17. If the html is balky, or if something requiring immediate attention arises, then somewhat later than that. The following statement will appear at the end of the ODA page:
    The North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education site ( will post the same material, with minor formatting differences. They'll need to review the material before posting it; I don't think that's been done yet. So they may need a couple of weeks to mirror the Oregon version of the information.

    I find the story behind all this simply amazing, in many, many ways. It's like an academic version of "Smiley's People" and "The Fugitive" all at the same time. I'll fill you in later.

    That powerpoint talk is still on the web in its original location, though some repair of the graphics (so faces of diploma mill customers would stay obscured) has made the file even longer than before. (Sorry!)

    An "academic issue" is whether or not investigation of unaccredited schools is "public service" or not. Faculty public service guidelines are discussed on the University of Illinois web site at
    and the portion below the header "Distinguishing Characteristics of Activities Considered as Public Service" is relevant.

    Quoting from another post,
    More later; the details are really something.

  5. drwetsch

    drwetsch New Member

    I think it is amazing that the University would feel threatened over the threar of a law suit by a diploma mill. It seems that when confronted to prove their legitimacy they back down becaue they do not have a leg to stand on.

  6. Anthony Ciolli

    Anthony Ciolli New Member

    I'm amazed that UIUC would do such a thing. Pathetic.

    *takes UIUC off the law school application list*
  7. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    It is very sad to me when the apparent threat of a frivolous lawsuit can squelch truth that is providing a great public service. It makes it that much nicer when the threat backfires and generates more publicity and exposure. :D
  8. brandon

    brandon New Member

    What a bunch of wusses. Does anyone actually think the diploma mill would win in court?

    Mos def NOT!
  9. oxpecker

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  10. g-gollin

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    About that Daily Illini article: the student reporter did a good job, but the following quote isn't completely accurate:

    I said something about how "most" legit schools were accredited this way. "Most" is very different from "all." Also, it's not CHEA, but CHEA-recognized bodies that do the accrediting. But it's a good, clear, mostly accurate story, especially for a student paper. And my eyes are open in the picture!


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