She found her Master's degree in a trash can

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Abner, Dec 22, 2005.

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    I'm glad she found it. I had my last accreditation report on a jump drive and only a single jump drive when the thing shorted out and the info became unrecoverable (and NOT for lack of trying).

    Important info needs to be several places. It just takes a few minutes at the most.
  3. DTechBA

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    Not to preach....

    But I work in IT and can tell you jump drives have very high failure rates. They are meant to be temporary not permanent storage devices. This woman played with disaster using it as the sole source of her thesis.

    I know I am preaching a lot to the band here but preach to your kids, etc that they must back up their important papers on something other than that jump drive. Young people especially are very reliant on technology and are vulnerable when it fails. My daughter was almost in tears when hers failed and she thought her hard drive on her computer had crashed as well. It had her undergraduate research paper and presentation on it and she needed it the next day!!

    Personally, I keep mine on a jump drive, a CD-R, my hard drive and in my Yahoo briefcase just in case my house burns down or something.....
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    my dog left me and my truck's broke

    It sounds like the title of a country song:

    She found her Master's degree in a trash can

    My baby thinks that she's too good for me,
    I likes a beer but she only drinks tea.
    I did some school but it wasn't for me,
    And now my doll has a master's degree.
    My education's from bein' a man,
    My babe just found hers in a trash can.

    (Y'all can write the next few verses.)
  5. Abner

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    Re: my dog left me and my truck's broke

    I think you just wrote a new hit Galanga! Country is just not for me though. :)

  6. eckert16

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    Talk about being lucky. i remember doing my PhD on my laptop. I had it for about four years before starting the dissertation. About six months after getting the final version printed, the hard drive finally crashed. Not bad considering I didn't use any virus things.

    Nowadays, I have jumps, burners and externals. No chances being taken..

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