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  1. Dennis

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    I have a question to those familiar with Excelsior. I've finished my BS in business from Excelsior with a total of 138 credit hours. Normally, I needed only 120 credits to graduate. If I apply now for the second bachelor's degree at Excelsior, will I be able to use the excessive 18 credit hours as new credit in the second bachelor's program?


  2. philosophy

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    I'm not for certain, but I believe if those credits were on your transcript as part of your original degree that you wouldn't be able to use those additional credits. Excelsior requires that you earn 30 new credits when you pursue a second degree from them. That's my interpretation, but you really should direct that question to the admissions office at Excelsior College.
  3. CoachTurner

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    You must earn 30 new credits and the 2nd degree must be in a different field. Some schools require as many as 45 new credits...

    That means that you CAN use credits from the previous degree -- you just have to earn 30 new ones.

    The excess 18 you had will not be considered "new". But they can be included in your next degree.

    With 138 on your first BA/BS, your second will need to have 168 semester hours or more total (both degrees combined).
  4. Dennis

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    Thanks guys for your replies,
    Actually, does Excelsior require for the second bachelor's "new credit"(i.e. credit earned after conferral of the first degree) or does Excelsior simply require additional credit(i.e. credit earned in addition to the minimum of 120 credit hours of the first degree). Would be grateful for any references.

  5. decimon

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    Years ago (many), New York schools followed, at the minimum, the requirements (they had no choice) of the New York Board of Regents and those requirements were more strict than RA requirements.

    Those requirements may be somewhere online but I don't know where.
  6. CoachTurner

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    They require credit not used in the first degree.

    Even though you went over, and that overage wasn't required as part of the degree; it is on the transcript as part of that degree.

    What you would have done to use it in another degree would have been to supress all credit above 120 (selectively so as to meet degree requirements with the highest possible GPA) -- that the credit above 120 would have been available for use in another degree as "new".

    In my case - I have 139 on my Excelsior BS right now. I'm adding 10-14 with the semester that ends in December and I will be complete of all of my requirements.

    I'll go through these credits then with an eye on supressing those above 120 that don't help my GPA and are not required for the degree. Essentially, if it's not an A and it's not required - it goes.

    The additional credit will simply not be transcripted with this degree. And would be useable if I were to want a 2nd BA/BS from Excelsior.

    My second BA will be from a B&M that requires 45 new hours -- but these 45 are done already.
  7. decimon

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    According to the usual sources, Jewish Bible and Suny, New Paltz, a second bachelor's degree would require an additional 30 credits in the major. Or that's how I read it.
  8. Papa Georgia

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    Just a heads up for anyone who wants to do this at COSC. There is a time limit for removing a course from your transcript. I don't remember what it is but I tried to remove a course that I wanted to use for a second degree but they would not let me because I had passed the time limit.
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  9. Rivers

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    Ok let me ask this I have an Associates degree =62 credits. I accrued another 29 credits at a second institution. I then went on to graduate from a third institution and accrued another 60 credits. So I have a total of 151 UG credits. Now not all my classes transfered to many different reasons from one instituion to another. How would they (any of the big three) sort the mess out? Alot of colleges will transfer a class in and rather than using the course (if they don't have the course)say something like topics in Psychology on the transcript. In any case I must agree that it would appear one would still have to finish 30 more " new credits" the question is what would consititute as new credit. The reason I ask is my first Bachelor's is in management and I have 27 credits in Psychology and would love a B.A. in psych.
  10. CoachTurner

    CoachTurner Member

    "New credit" is any which wasn't used in the first degree when considering one of the assessment univerities.

    At many universities - "new" means exactly that -- you took the course after enrolling in the program.
  11. decimon

    decimon Well-Known Member

    Provided that the courses satisfy the course requirements of the degree sought. At the school's discretion, I am sure. Not that my surety is any guarantee. :)

    If the 30 additional credits is correct then that is a good first step in determining standing but it is the schools that will decide.
  12. Dennis

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    Here is the answer I got from the academic advisor regarding Excelsior's new credit policy for the second degree(In my case I've used all of my 21 GRE credits to satisfy the remaining 3 credit hours in my first BS business degree)
    "... If you use the GRE to complete this degree
    (all 21 credits) it will give you 18 extra credits. If a student has earned
    more that the mimimum total number of credits for the first degree, the
    excess credit (not needed for the first degree) can be applied as new
    credit toward a second degree"

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