Science reverses time

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Kizmet, Mar 17, 2019.

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    They didn't "reverse time", any more than they've "teleported" anything.
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    But I know that time travel is real because I saw it on Dr. Who.

  4. nosborne48

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    Dr. Who? ;)
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    I browed through a splendid little book this day at the even more splendid Powell's Bookstore in Portland. It is a history of the famous quantum physics experiment where a particle goes through two separate doors at the same time. I had not realized that the original experiment, which has confounded physicists ever since, was done more than 200 years ago. Einstein and Bohr nearly came to blows over it, and it is still full of mystery.

    And I learned, reading a history of Powell's, that it has always been owned by a member of the Powell family, currently third generation Emily, since its founding nearly fifty years ago.
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    Not to downplay the great work these physicists have done, but I reversed time inside a Super Nintendo decades ago to save Chrono from being killed by Lavos.
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    Powell's? I used to go to Powell's of Portland every once I awhile when I lived in Seattle (1986-2001). I once went to Powell's in Chicago when visiting my brother.
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    The catch with these articles is that there's a disconnect from scientific papers. Scientific papers are usually short and not very decipherable to the common person.

    When you start trying to decipher them for the common reader, you have to start making them interesting such that they'll finish reading.

    When you start trying to make them interesting, then you get into divergent narratives that don't actually have anything to do with the original paper.

    This is the extent of how quantum mechanics relates to the popular articles. You think you're reading something, but you're not. :)
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