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    This is a follow up question. Does anyone have any information on colleges that have actually accepted the Excelsior Degree towards a graduate program. I am interested in pursuing a Masters in Public Administration through SUNY Albany and want to go the traditional route at this point. If anyone knows of any other brick and mortar schools in Upstate NY that accept the Excelsior Degree in a Masters program please let me know. Thanks in advance Steve
  2. slappy

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    I graduated from Excelsior this year. Along with decent GRE scores my degree has been accepted into three different RA Graduate programs in Texas, California and Maryland.
  3. Tom Head

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    Back when it was Regents, a variety of prestigious schools--including Harvard and Columbia--had accepted the degree. Regents/Excelsior used to maintain a list, and may still.

    I've been accepted to two graduate programs using the Excelsior degree; the only school that rejected it was the University of South Africa (for direct entry to a DLitt et Phil), probably because it was in the wrong field and wasn't accompanied by a master's.


    Tom Head

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  4. Yan

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    Generally, UNISA requires a student to have a relevant master degree as a prerequisite for doctorate degree studies.

    In the UK education system, one with a bachelor degree with first class or second upper honours can generally apply for doctorate degree studies direct. However, the US bachelor degree does not have any classification of honours (but in the form of GPA) and that may be a hurdle for US graduates with baclelor degree to apply for UK doctorate degree studies.
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    Graduates of the program, numbering over 95,000, cover a broad spectrum of the academic world. A good number have gone on to graduate studies incluiding the Ph.D., J.D., and M.D. degrees at top-tier U.S. colleges and universities. The change of the same to Excelsior does not appear to impact the acceptance of the degree as the quality of the program is still high and well accepted.

  6. Tom Head

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    I do feel the need to mention here that my "back when it was Regents" comment, which could have been read to mean that Excelsior is not as widely accepted, was in fact only a reflection of the fact that the school was still Regents College back when I heard about the Harvard, Columbia, et. al. students. I'm assuming the level of acceptance is still the same, since Excelsior is the former Regents College, the accreditation is still intact, and the academic standards are about the same (if anything, they've gotten more strict over the years).


    Tom Head

    co-author, Bears' Guide to the Best Education Degrees by Distance Learning (Ten Speed Press)
    co-author, Get Your IT Degree and Get Ahead (Osborne/McGraw-Hill)
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    Many US schools have honors versions of their programs which involve a thesis and/or project requirement as well as (usually) additional, more extensive work in the courses. For instance, my wife's transcript indicates that she "completed honors program." It also says "with distinction", but I think that just has to do with GPA. I would hope that completing a US bachelors degree in an honors program with a high GPA would be considered equivalent to graduating from a UK program with honors.
  8. Caballero Lacaye

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    Dear Gary,


    Following your line of thought, there are even some "honors" associate's degrees that include some final research and/or outstanding GPA's. I very much regret the fact that I didn't do any final research for my associate's. At any rate, this clearly demostrates that an associate's is not only general education studies as some people have impplied before.

    My best regards,

    Karlos Alberto Lacaye
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